6 Clever Computer Science Gifts for College Students

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Know someone studying computer science? It’s a challenging, but rewarding field. Growing more popular year over year, computer science skills are in high demand. Reward your favorite hardworking student with one of these clever computer science gifts! 

Novelty Mug by Funny Guy Mugs

Funny Guy Mugs computer science mugAny hardworking college student needs a good coffee mug. Caffeine is a must. This sturdy ceramic mug is ideal for computer scientists in particular. It’s printed with the age-old phrase for any sort of computer technical glitch—“Have you tried turning if off and on again?” If you’re looking for other funny scientific phrases, Funny Guy Mugs also has cups that feature “No, I will not fix your computer.” Each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Floppy Disk Coaster Set by Modern Coaster

Modern Coasters floppy disk coastersThis Nerd Retro Floppy Disk set is as useful as it is amusing. The set includes 4 coasters in different colors with an individualized message on each. They’re the perfect conversation starters for computer geeks and 90s kids alike. Made from silicone, these coasters are easy to clean and act as an effective heat resistant barrier for hot drinks.

Screen Cleaner Kit by Screen Mom

Screen Mom cleaner kitThe more touch-screen technology evolves, the more fingerprints will smudge our screens. Thankfully, this screen cleaner kit from Screen Mom is here to clean up your laptop, ipad, or phone screen. It comes with a cleaning spray and a micro-fiber cloth. Guaranteed to be streak- and scratch-free! It’s perfect for even the most sensitive device surfaces. Just spray, wipe, and let dry. Good for any and everyone who has tech that is touch-capable. Dusty screen? Clean it off. Smudgy screen? Clean it off. Keep your tech shiny and clear. 

The Imitation Game

The Imitation GameAll computer science majors are familiar with the legendary Alan Turing—computer scientist, mathematician, father of Artificial Intelligence, and code breaker. The Imitation Game dramatizes Turing’s life and contribution as a cryptanalyst during World War II. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly, this Oscar winning film is a must-see for any computer science major.

Novelty Computer Crew Socks by Happypop

HappyPop computer science socksRock your geek chic with these socks. Show the world that one day you’ll take it over, because now the geek shall inherit the earth. The socks are decorated with keyboard commands, a pair of glasses, the word GEEK across the toes, and NERD along the shins. Their feet will stay warm and their brain will continue to function at optimal levels when they wear these cute socks. HappyPop has plenty of other science-themed socks as well, including space, math formulas, chemistry bonds, and even Einstein. 

Developer Stickers by ByteSwag

ByteSwag comupter science stickersYour favorite code and development student wants these stickers, but they are too shy and broke to buy them for themselves. This is where your super gift powers come in. Get these for your favorite computer science major and surprise them with how truly cool you are.

Wondering what to get your coding kid? Wonder no more with these great computer science gifts.

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