Quirky Math Gifts for Mathematics Majors

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Do you have a Mathematics major in your family? Is a close friend studying the subject? It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right gift for their birthday or an upcoming holiday! If you’re stuck on ideas for them, these five quirky math gifts can help you appreciate the math major in your life.

Math Mug by Decodyne

Decodyne math mugYou can never go wrong with a mug! Plenty of college students need their coffee in the morning and hot chocolate during the winter, so the mug is a perfect choice no matter the season. This one is specifically designed for lovers of math too! From Decodyne, it has a series of formulas on the exterior, can hold 12oz. As an extra bonus, it is both dishwasher and microwave safe! It takes a lot of brainpower to solve formulas, and caffeine can help with that task. 

Novelty Math Crew Socks by HappyPop

Happypop math socksSocks are another great gift, year-round, no matter the occasion! One of the designs from HAPPYPOP is called Black-Math. It features equations, calculators, geometry, and more. Two other choices from this company they might enjoy are Einstein and the Space Four Pack which includes the math socks as well as others featuring space and rockets. In addition to the black chalkboard-like body, the toes are green, the heel is orange, and the band is yellow.

Mathematics Infinity Scarf by Di Capanni

Di Cappanni math scarfFeaturing several math formulas, this Mathematics Infinity Scarf by Di Capanni is great for math majors, engineers, biologists, and more! It’s a silky, soft chiffon fabric that measures 31”. Handmade, this design also comes in variations available through the seller’s store. This is a perfect gift idea for math majors who find themselves attending school in colder climates. Though it is light enough to use for summer fashion as well. 

Decodyne Math Wall Clock

Every dorm room needs a clock, why go with the boring old design? This Math Wall Clock has math equations, where the answer stands for each hour of the day. Multiplication, division, addition, fractions, square roots, and more! It can definitely bring a bit of pop to the room. It measures 11-1/2” in diameter, it certainly is unique and something a college student who loves math is sure to treasure.

Math Formula Pull Over Hoodie by UNIFACO

UNIFACO math hoodieA hoodie is another great present that college students love and math majors will fall in love with this one! A pull over hoodie by UNIFACO, it features several math formulas throughout the design. A combination of brains and aesthetics. The company also offers a huge variety of different designs, including space themes if your math major is hoping to follow a career in NASA or similar.

These five suggestions are sure to be the perfect math gifts for a student’s birthday or grad party coming up! If you’re still stuck on ideas, try thinking about what they hope to do after college graduation. 

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