5 Ways to Keep Cool in College

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Whether it only gets hot in the summer time when you attend college, or you face high temperatures year round, do you know how to keep cool? The last thing you want to do is overheat. This can definitely be the case if your dorm room doesn’t have air conditioning, you’re squeezing a few more classes during the summer, or you have an apartment for a summer internship. Here are five great ways to keep cool during those hotter months.

Wind Curve Tower Fan by Lasko

Lasko tower fanFans can be a wonderful way to stay cool, keep the air moving in a smaller room, and cut down on energy costs. The Wind Curve Tower Fan by Lasko is a great way to achieve all of those things year round. 42.5 inches tall, this unique design with woodgrain accents has 3 quiet speeds and is perfect for use whether you’re studying at the desk or need to cool off during a hot night. It also comes with a Fresh Air Ionizer that will boost air quality.

5 Cup Water Pitcher Filter by Brita

Brita pitcher filterWater is a must to keep heat exhaustion and heat strokes at bay and just for your general health. This 5 Cup Water Pitcher Filter by Brita will let you drink safe, purified water without taking too much space up in your refrigerator. The filter reduces chlorine taste and odor while removing some impurities that may come with tap water.

Water Infuser Bottle with Infusion Rod by Sharpro

Whether you’re heading out for your exercise routine or heading across the grounds to your next class, a water bottle is definitely needed. This Water Infuser Bottle with Full Length Infusion Rod from Sharpro can be just the ticket. It allows you to have ice cold drinks no matter where you go on campus and in the classrooms that may be without air conditioning. 32Oz, it’s perfect for the on the go lifestyle that college demands.

Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer by MIDEA

Midea mini fridgeFor those cold snacks and drinks that will keep you cool during the summer months, a fridge is needed. The Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer is perfect for dorm rooms and smaller apartments and able to hold just about everything you need as a college student with 2.2 cubic feet of room. From MIDEA, it also comes with a separate fruit and vegetable drawer.

Cooling Towels by SYOURSELF

Syourself cooling towelCooling Towels can be a life saver on those really hot days. From SYOURSELF, they’re easy to use and can be perfect indoors or out. They’re reusable and comfortable, coming in a variety of colors including blue, starry, green, purple, and more. You can use them as bandannas, scarves, towels, or headbands and they dry soft, so they won’t drip water all over your dorm room floor.

Summer can be tough, especially in certain parts of the country. But don’t let the hot weather take a toll on your internship or summer time studies. These five products can be wonderful for keeping cool even while at college.

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