6 Nifty Door Decorations for Your College Dorm

Yellow door with text: Nifty door decorations for college studentsOne of the best parts about living in a dorm is decorating it! But where do you get started? How about right at the entryway? The door is the perfect place! Make a lasting first impression to any visitors or passersby. These six door decorations are sure to bring some personality to your dorm’s front door.

Hello Vinyl Decal by BATTOO

BATTOO hello wall decalA nice, simple hello could be exactly what your dorm room’s door needs! From BATTOO, This Hello Vinyl Decal in a vintage, farmhouse font can be the perfect greeting to your guests. It measures 9 inches by 4 inches. You can pick from 28 vibrant colors! Choose your favorite or your college team’s color. BATTOO also has a variety of different decals to choose from, including: Adventure Awaits, Not All Who Wander Are Lost, and plenty of more personalized options. 

FRIENDS Peephole Frame by Handmade with Love by Fatima

Handmade frameAre you a fan of the T.V. show, FRIENDS? This Peephole Frame is based off the one in Monica’s apartment. It’s handcrafted and is the perfect way to show off your love of the show. Easy to hang with the two-sided tape included in the purchase. It measures 8″ by 10″. Pop some popcorn and invite your friends and/or roommates for a marathon. 

Wooden Monogram Letter by 48 Hour Monogram

48 Hour Monogram wooden letterYou can show off your room by putting your first initial on the door! These Wooden Monogram Letters are available in any letter. It even comes in the ampersand (&), which means you can put both yours and your roommate’s initials on the door! Measuring 12 to 36 inches, they’re from 48 Hour Monogram. They’ll also be perfect for your future home or apartment when you move out of the dorm.

Dry Erase Whiteboard by Kedudes

Kedudes dry erase boardWhether you put this on the outside or the inside of your door, this dry-erase whiteboard by Kedudes a great way to leave notes for your roommates or add little reminders for yourself! If you put it on the exterior, you can even have your friends leave you notes or let you know they stopped by. It also includes six markers—black, blue, purple, pink, green, and orange. It also comes with two magnets. 

Cute Hanging Kitten Door Decal by Stickerbrand

Stickerbrand hanging kitten decalYou can’t go wrong with kittens! If you’re a cat fan, you’re going to love this cute kitten decal that can hang off your doorknob. It will definitely add a bit of personality to your door! It measures 9 inches by 4 inches and is super easy to remove and reapply. This makes it great for taking it with you when the semester ends and being able to use it on next year’s room door as well! It’s an adorable reminder to keep hanging in there. 

Removable Door Wallpaper by Fymural

Fymural 3D door muralIf you want something super unique for your dorm room door, this Removable Door Wallpaper by Fymural is exactly what you’re looking for. It comes in a variety of designs and settings including oceans, forests, pathways, cities, gardens, waterfalls, and more. These unique designs are sure to make your dorm’s door is the most well decorated on your floor.

Decorating your dorm is a ton of fun, especially when it comes to making your door stand out! These six door decorations are sure to make you smile every time you come home. 

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