4 of the Best Futons for Your College Dorm

Futons are practically synonymous with college. They are a quintessential part of a college dorm or apartment. A good futon can not only make college life more comfortable but can last well beyond living in the dorms. That’s why we’ve rounded up four of the best futons so you can be comfy no matter what you’re doing.

DHP Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

best futons DHP futon mattressWith its delightful range of muted colors and a soft, comfortable, tufted microfiber fabric, this futon can fit any full-sized futon frame. It’s perfect for studying, chilling, or even napping. This is also a perfect “starter” couch for when you move out of the dorm and into your own apartment.

No matter what color or size you choose (it’s available in both a 6-inch and 8-inch coil) you’ll always look forward to coming back to your room when you’ve got this futon waiting for you after classes, a workout, or a quick jaunt around campus.

Nirvana Futons Frame — Full

Nirvana Futons frameNow that you’ve found your perfect futon mattress, you’re going to need a frame to put it on. This one by Nirvana is made of solid hardwood and is easy to move. No arms mean you can really stretch out and get comfortable, whether you’re studying, taking a nap, or end up falling asleep while cramming for mid-terms. This is another great starter piece of furniture that is sure to have a life beyond the dorm room.

Mozaic Full-Size 10-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress

best futons Mozaic cotton futon mattressThis soft futon mattress is as comfortable as it is fashionable. The cover is comprised of cotton twill. The mattress, however, is made of dual-sided memory foam, this mattress is reversible and can be used in a folded sit-up position, or a flat bed position. It’s very durable, so it can survive plenty of dorm or apartment moves.

Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Set

best futons Nirvana black futon setMost futon mattresses and frames are sold separately. Not this convenient set! With a variety of fashionable colors to choose from—such as burgundy, hunter green, khaki, and more.

This futon has three different positions—upright, reclining, and bed. This is another staple starter piece that will be perfect for your dorm, in your first apartment, and even your first house. It comes with a 5-year warranty too.

Show off your great taste in home décor and opt for one of these futons rather than the old standard dorm mattress. Your posture will thank you.

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