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How And When To Defer Your Student Loan

A deferment gives you temporary relief from making your federal student loan payments and is one of the best solutions when you are struggling to make the payments on time. But when and how do you defer payments on your student loans? What is Deferment? It is important to understand that a deferment does not …
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Missed Financial Aid Deadlines? Here’s What You Should Do

Paying for college can be overwhelming and if you are looking for any type of financial assistance, staying on top of all those deadlines can be even more so. Besides keeping track of college application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, and financial aid deadlines, you also need to keep track of the special requirements for each one. …
Should you use savings bonds to pay for college
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Should You Use Savings Bonds To Pay For College?

You have big hopes and dreams for your children from the day they are born. One of those dreams is to help them pursue a career they love. You understand that a good career may require a college degree, but the cost of college scares you. You’re not alone here. Most parents start exploring their …
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Maximize Your Financial Aid With These 3 FAFSA Tips

Your high grades and impressive test scores have earned you acceptance letters from some of the top colleges in the country. But even with the scholarships you’ve received, you still might need to take a substantial student loan. With their lower interest rates, fairly flexible repayment options, and forgiveness programs, federal student loans should be …
How do independent students self-fund their college education
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How Independent Students Can Self-Fund Their College Education

Most undergrad students depend on getting at least some financial assistance from their parents but not all families can oblige. Sometimes, their financial situation just does not allow them to offer any significant help towards the cost of college tuition. Or perhaps a student is independent of any familial connections. If you find yourself in …
how to choose a college major
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Tips For Choosing Your College Major

Having to choose the right college major is just as important as choosing the right college for you. In fact, one of the major decisions (pun intended) of college life is what subject to major in. Sure you can change it but that might mean starting all over again, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. …