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Here are some mistakes to avoid while writing an essay for the SAT writing section

Mistakes To Avoid On The SAT Writing Section

While the new SAT math section can be many students’ nightmare, it is the writing section that other students dread the most. The SAT writing section is meant to test and challenge your practical editing skills. All you need to know is how to read and how to find and fix grammatical errors and structural problems. …
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Important Skills to Learn Before College

As you think about starting college, remember you will have a lot more on your plate than you did in high school. High school was likely busy for you – between extracurricular activities, classes, homework, and possibly even work! But college can be much more demanding than this. You’ll likely be balancing all the above …
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Financial Aid Myths That Are Costing You Money

When it comes to financial aid, believing in a few myths can cost you a lot. Every year, students lose out on thousands of dollars that they could have gotten by way of scholarships, grants, and federal student loans simply because of a few prevailing misconceptions. Take a look at some of the common financial …
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Can You Appeal An Offer Letter For More Aid?

The short answer is yes, you can appeal an offer letter. You can appeal an offer letter. What many students do not realize is that a financial aid offer letter is not a final decision. It is, in fact, an offer that is made by the prospective college. You are under no obligation to accept …
What's the difference between delinquent and default?
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Student Loan Default Vs. Student Loan Delinquency

When you are behind on your student loan payments, it is considered a delinquency. It does not take long for a loan delinquency to occur. If you miss a due date payment, the very next day the loan is considered to be delinquent. The loan goes into default if you are delinquent for a certain …