What Do Standardized Tests Measure & Why Do Students Need To Take Them?

What does standardized testing measure

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The debate over standardized testing continues, with no signs of dying down anytime soon. This ongoing debate questions the importance of standardized tests in the college admissions process. Colleges get a pretty good indication of a student’s academic strengths from their high school transcripts, so what do they need standardized tests for?

Standardized Testing and Studies

Several studies have been done to determine if taking or not taking the ACT or SAT makes a difference to a students’ success but the results have been generally inconclusive. However, some studies showed that taking the test may give students a better idea of their own academic strengths and weaknesses, but it is not the only way to determine this.

Test Score Requirements

Regardless of the studies and their findings, the fact remains that students need to take the tests because most colleges use these scores as one of the criteria when assessing applications. On the other hand, there are several schools that don’t require applicants to submit their test scores. Some of these schools have ‘test-optional’ policies while a few do not look at the scores at all. These schools base their assessments purely on academic achievement.

Whether you have a choice or not will depend on whether you are applying to a school that places test scores high on their list of requirements or whether the school has a test-optional policy.

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