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College Costs Include More Than Just Tuition

Rows of books opened towards the camera, with one large textbook standing out. affordability & college cost
Tuition fees are the first thing most people think about when calculating the cost of college. And that is totally justified considering tuition fees are the largest expense associated with a college education. However, the tuition fee is not the only expense involved. There are a number of other expenses that need to be factored …

3 Common Myths Surrounding Student Loan Consolidation

There are some myths surrounding student loan consolidation student loans
Student loan consolidation allows you to combine multiple federal student loans into one loan so that you make only one payment every month instead of multiple payments. This option offers several benefits to borrowers. Unfortunately, the myths surrounding student loan consolidation cause a lot of confusion resulting in many students making the wrong decision, which …

College Scholarship Application Checklists: Search, Prep, Submit

Use our scholarship checklists to stay on top of your applications scholarship search & applications
The whole scholarship application process can be nerve-wracking. After you’ve gone through hundreds of scholarships opportunities and made a note of all the scholarships you qualify for along with their requirements, it’s then time to put together and submit your applications. Making things even more complicated is the fact that each scholarship opportunity has its …

3 Test-Taking Hacks For The SAT

Here are 3 SAT tips. ACT & SAT
There is a right way and a wrong way to answer the SAT. No matter how many practice tests you solve, if you are doing it the wrong way you could lose out on hundreds of points. Everybody knows that every point counts in this standardized test. These easy to implement SAT tips, tricks and …

What Are College Tuition-Reimbursement Programs?

A tuition-reimbursement program can send your money flying back questions & answers
Tuition-reimbursement programs are a special type of repayment plan where employers offer to reimburse their employees’ education expenses. In most cases, employees who choose to participate will have to pay out of pocket for the courses they take. They then get back some or all of their tuition expenses, depending on their company policy. Why Do …

How Your Social Media Presence Impacts Your Scholarship

Social Media illustration in circular chart. scholarship search & applications
Your online presence is a powerful thing indeed. Many students work hard at getting good grades, writing a powerful essay, and making sure they tick all the scholarship requirement boxes, but the one area they completely overlook is their online presence. Unfortunately, a dubious digital presence can put your scholarship at risk. At one time social …

2 FREE Ways to Improve Your ACT / SAT Score

how to improve your act / sat score ACT & SAT
You shouldn’t have to pay for expensive private coaching classes to improve your ACT / SAT score. Instead, there are several free strategies that you can implement when you are looking for ways to boost your test scores. Here are two to start with: Take Practice Tests With The Timer On You can find several …