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How To Choose Between a Fixed And Variable Interest Rate

Jagged road sign - like a windy road, a variable interest rate can twist and turn student loans
As you research private student loans, you’ll come across the terms: fixed interest rate and variable interest rate. But what exactly does that mean? How do you choose between them? The Difference Between Fixed and Variable Interest Rates With a variable rate loan, the interest rate will change regularly depending on the market conditions. They …
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5 Things You Need To Know About Iowa Student Loan

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After exhausting all scholarship and other financial aid opportunities, many students require a private student loan to cover the rest of their college costs. Iowa Student Loan is committed to helping students and families obtain that funding, making it a great option for any student! The organization offers its services nationwide. That means you don’t …
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5 Things You Need To Know About Refinancing With Iowa Student Loan

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There are dozens of student loan refinancing companies out there, and it’s important to consider all your options. One company you should definitely check out is Iowa Student Loan. They’re a nonprofit organization that helps students get low-cost private loans to cover college expenses after exhausting other financial aid. In addition to lending money to …
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6 Things You Need To Know About LendKey Student Loans

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After you’ve maximized federal and institutional financial aid, grants, and scholarships, it’s time to start exploring private student loans. Make sure to shop around and look for the best deal possible before borrowing money from a private lender. Of course, with dozens of lenders with different eligibility criteria, rates, and repayment terms, shopping around is …
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9 Things You Need To Know About Ascent Student Loans

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There are a number of key parts that factor into a loan: eligibility criteria, repayment options, student loan interest rates, and perhaps most importantly—the lender. You’ll come across many lenders in your search for a loan. One you should definitely consider is Ascent. Here are a few things you should know about Ascent so you can …
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4 Things You Need to Know about Credible Student Loans

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If you’re looking to take out a student loan to pay for college, you’ll definitely want to check out Credible. Their website helps you find private student loans by comparing the different interest rates, repayment plans, and more through their simple-to-use application. Before you use their service though, here are four things you need to …
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