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Different Types of Federal and Private Student Loan Repayment Plans

Twenty dollar bills - do you know the various types of student loan repayment plans? student loans
Student loans come from two major sources: the federal government and private lenders. Both of these have completely different terms and conditions, interest rates and repayment plans. Federal student loans should be your first pick of the two. They offer lower interest rates and more flexible terms. Take the time to learn about the different …
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FAQ About Credit Scores And Student Loans

A woman sitting on a couch holding a yellow credit card. student loans
Most students would not have had much opportunity to build their credit history by the time they are ready to start college. This begs a few questions – will having no or little credit make it that much more difficult to get a student loan? If you do manage to get a loan with no …
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Student Loan Scams: 4 Red Flags

Ripped red paper - always be aware of student loan scams and red flags student loans
With student loan debt soaring into the trillions, an unsolicited e-mail or phone call from a company claiming that they can help forgive and eliminate your student loan debt may seem like a dream come true. But beware—this dream is more likely to turn into a nightmare. Student loan scams are more rampant than you may …
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Education Dept. Plans to Reform Student Loan Repayment System Fall Through

The Education Department's reform federal student loan system fell through student loans
12/19/2018 Nobody said that the government, federal student loans, student debt, and repayment plans were simple concepts. They interweave in often frustratingly complicated ways. More often than not, loans leave borrowers scratching their heads. When it comes time to their student loans, people are often confused and do not know how to even start repaying. …
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