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6 Scholarships for Students in Idaho

Green and yellow sprawling fields. scholarships
Known as the “Gem State”, a place where nearly every type of gemstone can be found, Idaho is a gem in its own right. Home to a number of colleges and universities, Idaho residents–and those eager to attend school there–can take a look below to learn about a couple of scholarships for their state. Community …
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6 Scholarships for Students in Maryland

A building on the Johns Hopkins University campus. scholarships
The state of Maryland, smack in the center of the mid-Atlantic region’s bustling corridor of cities that includes New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore, has long been home to some of the finest schools in the country. These schools include, among others, the University of Maryland-College Park, considered one of the top public research schools …
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7 Scholarships for Students in South Carolina

A large bridge in South Carolina, spanning across a body of water. scholarships
Full of history, art, and culture, South Carolina is an impressive state to be certain. The Palmetto State is home to over 60 colleges or universities as diverse as the people who live there. If you’re lucky enough to call South Carolina home or hope to attend college there, take a look at the following …
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7 Scholarships for Students in New Mexico

A red plateau in New Mexico. scholarships
As the “Land of Enchantment,” New Mexico is a state of natural beauty, diverse culture, and fascinating history. The state is home to over 25 colleges and universities, and if you plan to attend one of them, or are a resident of New Mexico, check out a few of these scholarships. The Pedro and Mateo …
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8 Scholarships for Students in Pennsylvania

A downtown shot of a city in Pennsylvania. scholarships
One of the original 13 founding states, Pennsylvania’s state motto is “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence.” These ideals run deep in the Quaker State as well as in its universities. If you attend–or desire to attend–college in Pennsylvania, read on to learn about some Pennsylvania scholarships available to you. Pennsylvania Engineering Foundation Scholarships Amount: $1,000 Deadline: April …
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7 Scholarship for Students in Washington State

Downtown Seattle at sunset. scholarships
Named after America’s first president, Washington is known as the “Evergreen State”. With over 40 colleges and universities calling the state home, Washington is an education destination. If you’re a resident or an out-of-stater looking to attend college in Washington state, take a look at some of the available scholarships below. Robert J. Meyer Organic …
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7 Scholarships for Students in Wisconsin

Rolling green and yellow hills in Wisconsin. scholarships
Smack in the center of the American midwest, people know the great state of Wisconsin for many things: massive, sprawling forests, the dairy and farming industries, and, of course, the Green Bay Packers football team. Wisconsinites are known for their pride in their state, which often acts as a destination for midwestern students looking for …
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7 Scholarships for Students in Connecticut

A campus building at Yale University. scholarships
The great state of Connecticut, sandwiched between New England fishing communities and the bustling metropolis of the greater New York Area, has long held the nickname of the “Constitution State.” While on the surface, the nickname may refer to the importance of Connecticut’s vote at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, there may be a subconscious …
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8 Scholarships for Students in Tennessee

Foggy mountains at sunrise in Tennessee. scholarships
The Volunteer State is home to over 70 colleges and universities, and if you’re planning to attend one, you’re probably also looking for ways to cover the costs. Luckily, a number of scholarships are available to students in Tennessee, both from the state government and from independent organizations. Ned McWherter Scholars Program Amount: $6,000 (renewable) …
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8 Scholarships for Students in Georgia

Downtown Atlanta City at night. scholarships
While many know Georgia as the Peach State, lesser-known is the state motto: “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.” All three values expressed can be seen in the state’s educational system, both public and private. Georgia students are encouraged to pursue wisdom, and those without the financial means to support themselves are given scholarship opportunities, exemplary of justice …
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