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11 Scholarships for Students in Virginia

There are many scholarship opportunities available to the students in Virginia. From regional awards offered by national organizations to home-grown essay contests and other opportunities, this list offers a number of unique scholarships that students in VA can pursue to help pay for college. 1. National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Scholarship Amount: $3,500 Deadline: …
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8 College Scholarships for Black and African-American Students

Here are scholarships for African-American students scholarships
College degrees have taken the place of high school diplomas when it comes to obtaining an entry-level position. With the cost of college constantly on the rise, scholarships and grants are more important than ever. Here are some great scholarships and grants offered for Black and African-American students who need help paying for college. 1. Ron Brown Scholars …
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8 College Scholarships for High School Seniors

Here are some scholarships for high school seniors. scholarships
Senior year is the ultimate time to be searching and applying for college scholarships. While some scholarships are only for select majors, locations, colleges, or age groups, more scholarships for seniors than any other group of students. Here are eight amazing scholarships for high school seniors. Olin Teague Award The National Space Club awards the …
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5 Fabulously Easy College Scholarships for All Kinds of Students

The 50 Cans Scholarship is just one of five easy college scholarships scholarships
Scholarship applications and essays take a lot of time to complete. Each requires a specific set of criteria and generally requires new and original content specific to the scholarship. Applying for these scholarships can get tedious. Generally, scholarships ask for long essays. The application process also feels monotonous. However, these five fabulously easy college scholarships …
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7 Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students

The last few decades have seen amazing things happen for the LGBTQ community. Specifically in the last few years, marriage equality has brought LGBTQ issues to the forefront of people’s minds. When applying to colleges and searching for scholarships, diversity can play a large part in finding the right fit. Here are a few great …
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5 College Scholarships for High School Juniors

Here are some college scholarships for high school juniors that you can apply to! scholarships
Junior year of high school overflows with football games, music concerts, club meetings, and junior prom. Additionally, for many juniors, the year is a future planning period full of college visits. The focus is often on choosing a college, with college scholarships shopping usually left for senior year. Many students don’t realize that it is …
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8 College Scholarships for Women

Here are some scholarships for women scholarships
With every passing decade, the number of women enrolled in college increases. Where women were once given the option of nursing or teaching, they are now able to choose from every major under the sun. However, as options have increased, so have tuition costs. Here are some great scholarship options for women. 1. SWE Scholarship …
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9 Incredibly Unique Scholarships

Don't forget to reward yourself after a good study session, like getting ice cream! scholarships
They say that there is a scholarship for pretty much anything. From grades to specific majors, to certain states and schools, there are thousands of scholarships available to students. But each of those categories is pretty common. What about the more interesting scholarship options? Here are 9 of the most unique scholarships out there. 1. Duck …
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