3 Scholarships for Students in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state with many nicknames. The Bayou State, Child of the Mississippi, the Creole State, the Pelican State, Sportsman’s Paradise, Sugar State, and the Boot. It is a multicultural state with unique landscapes and wildlife, and history just as interesting. If you’re a resident of Louisiana, take a look at a few scholarships.

A bayou surrounded by green trees.

Louisiana TOPS N1 Opportunity Award

Amount: Varies (renewable)

Deadline: File the FAFSA

Any student planning to attend a Louisiana public college/university could have their tuition and other fees paid for by this scholarship. The award weighs amounts accordingly.

To qualify, a student must: have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (core classes only), have a minimum ACT/SAT score of the previous state average, have US citizenship, enroll as a full-time student, meet TOPs Louisiana residency requirements, file the FAFSA. The site outlines additional renewal requirements.

Your Student Loan, Your Way.

Variable rates from 3.98% - 11.99% APR


Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship

Amount: Up to $12,000

Deadline: July 1

If you’re a Louisiana student pursuing a degree in forestry, wildlife, or marine sciences, this scholarship is for you. This award is renewable at $2,000 a year for undergraduates. The $3,000 award renews for up to two years as a graduate student.

Requirements: Be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen, be a Louisiana resident for at least one year, be enrolled as a full-time student at a public college/university and majoring in a relevant field, if an undergrad: have a GPA of at least 2.5, if a graduate student: 3.0.

Southern Automotive Women’s Forum Scholarship

Amount: $500-$5,000

Deadline: March 9, 2020

Created to encourage women to pursue degrees in STEM fields, this scholarship awards financial aid to those interested in a career in the automotive industry.

To apply, eligible students must: be a female high school senior or graduate, be a resident of one of the southern states listed on their site (of which Louisiana is one).

And remember, Louisiana colleges/universities have scholarships for students who attend their schools, so make sure to hunt for those as well!