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5 Scholarships for Journalism Majors

A person looking at multiple magazines. scholarships
We live in a media-driven world. With news instantly at our fingertips the moment something big happens, there has never been a higher demand for journalists. Whether it’s through TV, the radio, print, online blogs, or another medium, journalists deliver the information. Take a look below at some journalism scholarships dedicated to the education of …
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6 Scholarships for Students in Colorado

A lake in a forested mountain. scholarships
In 1972, a musician born Henry John Deutschendorf released a popular song celebrating the sublime peaks of his favorite state. It took him nine months to write and honored the inspirational nature of the mountains that dotted his homeland. The narrator tells the story of a man moving to a midwestern state, scaling its mountains, …
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5 Scholarships for Students in Alaska

Chugach National Forest in Alaska. scholarships
William Shatner famously would begin every episode of the classic sci-fi series Star Trek with the same monologue, opening with, “Space. The final frontier…” Not so fast, Captain Kirk. Seventeen years before Shatner first donned his Starfleet-issue golden sweater, another land was already called the “Last Frontier:” The state of Alaska, admitted into the union …
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6 Scholarships for Students in California

The Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise. scholarships
In 1849, James W. Marshall, a supervisor working on the construction of a sawmill outside of Sacramento, was examining his workers’ excavation of a riverbed the day before when he noticed them. Shiny shards of some glinting material, scattered along the river. Gold. In an instant, ankle-deep in the mud along the banks of a …
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6 Scholarships for Students in Vermont

A road with autumn trees on either side of it. scholarships
Known as the Green Mountain State, Vermont is famous for beautiful landscapes. Vermont produces the most maple syrup in the US. The state is also ranked as the safest of all 50 United States. Additionally, Vermont is home to 23 colleges and universities. If you attend or plan to attend one of them, take a …
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7 Scholarships for Students in Illinois

A picture of downtown Chicago with the river running through the city. scholarships
Known as the “Land of Lincoln” as well as the “Prairie State”, Illinois is a state rich with American history. The state is home to 119 colleges and universities. If you are attending or plan to attend school in Illinois, then take a look at these scholarships: Back 2 School Illinois Scholarship Amount: $2,500 Deadline: …
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7 Scholarships for Legacy Students

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In 1972, The Godfather was released to theaters to widespread acclaim. Among the numerous shoot-em-up scenes, intense and expressive acting, and quotable lines, audiences the world over appreciated the subtext of the film. In an opening scene, the leader of an Italian organized crime family, Don Vito Corleone questions his godson, asking him if he …
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6 Scholarships for Students in Utah

A red canyon in Utah. scholarships
The great state of Utah has a simple motto, abstaining from the flowery Latin language of states like Michigan (“Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice,” that is, “if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you,”) and the ironclad absolutes of the New Hampshires of the world (“Live free or die.”). No, the motto of Utah …
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6 Scholarships for Students in Nebraska

Fields of wheat below a blue sky. scholarships
On Saturdays in the fall, 90,000 screaming football fans pack the Memorial Stadium in downtown Lincoln, decked out from head to toe in red, cheering on their Nebraska Huskers. The stadium, for that one day, is the third-largest city in Nebraska, more populous than the city of Bellevue. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is renowned nationally …
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6 Scholarships for Students In Oklahoma

Buildings downtown in a city in Oklahoma. scholarships
A culture of competition has existed in Oklahoma since, at least, the late nineteenth century. After President Grover Cleveland issued a proclamation stating that the Oklahoman lands were available for cultivation and settlement, settlers rushed in from all over the map to see who could get there “sooner.” The state lovingly adopted the “sooner” moniker, …
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