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5 Scholarships for Students in Hawaii

A beach with palm trees along the shoreline. scholarships
Hawaii, known also as the Aloha State, was the 50th and final state to join the USA. Serving as the northernmost island group of Polynesia, Hawaii is also home to beautiful beaches, active volcanoes, and diverse wildlife. If you’re lucky enough to call this state home or plan to attend school there, take a look …
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5 Scholarships for Criminal Justice Majors

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Criminal Justice is a broad field that includes: law, criminal investigation, law enforcement, criminology, and other related areas. If you’re a Criminal Justice major, take a look below at just a few criminal justice scholarships available. George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Amount: Varies Deadline: April 1, 2020 This scholarship awards minority students who have extensive law …
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5 Scholarships for Students in Delaware

The Delaware River with trees on either side of it. scholarships
Delaware is a unique state with many nicknames–The Small Wonder, Blue Hen State, the Diamond State, and given its status as the first state to ratify the US Constitution, the First State. As one of the thirteen original colonies, it is a place full of history. If you call Delaware home or plan to attend …
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5 Scholarships for History Majors

A close-up shot of the Roman Colosseum. scholarships
While a history major may not be the most common student you’ll encounter on a college campus, they play a vital role in our society. An obvious career path is a historian, but there are also other careers such as lawyers, politicians, writers, and teachers. The world we live in is complex, and sometimes the …
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5 Scholarships for Law Students

A statue of a woman holding scales and a sword. scholarships
Those who practice law ensure that society runs smoothly and fairly. It is an incredibly important system that hosts a number of equally important professions. People adept in the writing and presentation skills needed to study law should have the chance to do so; however, sometimes finances hinder people from studying law. After all, law …
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5 Poetry Scholarships

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Every student experiences the feeling at least once, staring into the stucco walls of a way-too-brightly lit classroom. They count down the minutes until the clock strikes three P.M., yearning to escape the burden of learning for the day. In 1888, the great poet William Wordsworth encapsulated the feeling of the school bell ringing in …
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5 Scholarships for Students in New Jersey

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Known as “the Garden State”, New Jersey is a place full of history. New Jersey was invaluable during both the American and Industrial revolutions. Their state motto is, fittingly, “Liberty and prosperity”. If you live or plan to attend college there, here are a few New Jersey scholarships. Builders League of South Jersey Scholarship Foundation …
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5 Scholarships for Students in Minnesota

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Minnesota, also known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”, is home to over 50 colleges and universities. It is a state filled with beautiful scenery and booming industry. If you’re a Minnesota resident or plan to attend college there, take a look below at just a few Minnesota scholarships. EMPOWER Scholarships Amount: $1,500 Deadline: April …
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Scholarships for Students in Oregon

Cannon Beach in Oregon at sunset. scholarships
When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out from St. Louis to explore the vast western portion of the Louisiana Purchase, neither of them knew exactly what they were getting into. Their objective was simply to map the territory and find a route leading to the Pacific Ocean, but their journey crossing to the West …
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5 Scholarships for Transfer Students

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Whether the first school wasn’t the correct fit or a student is going from a 2-year to a 4-year college or university, transfers are pretty common in the college world. Look below at a few scholarships that are dedicated to transfer students. Transferring differs from the typical college journey. However, financial aid should still be …
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