Scholarships for Electrical Engineering Majors

In these times of economic uncertainty, students nationwide have struggled to find a career upon graduating. But, over the past five years, electrical engineering has shown to be one of the most financially lucrative college majors. According to a recent study, electrical engineers make an average of $60,000 after graduation. Here’s a partial list of electrical engineering scholarships to look into that will help you spark your career:

Blue, yellow, and green wires crossed in a machine.

Virginia Tech Scholarships for Prospective Students

Deadline: Varying

Amount: Varying

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, or Virginia Tech, is considered to be one of the top schools in the nation for budding engineers. Located in the small town of Blacksburg, Virginia Tech has seen many of the world’s foremost authorities on technology walk its halls, including architects, CEOs, inventors, and economists. VT is a selective school, with an acceptance rate of 55%, lower than the national average. However, when it comes to their flagship engineering program, the school takes only the best. One of the ways to make yourself known to the engineering department before entering the halls of VT is to apply for one of their many Scholarships for Prospective Students.

Offered in many disciplines, the electrical engineering variety of these contests provide a great opportunity to discern what the university is looking for, as well as whether or not your high school transcript can net you financial assistance. Some scholarships have a rolling acceptance, while others are more time-constrained. With the reputation of VT as a top school for electrical engineers, we recommend starting your application early!

Association for Iron & Steel Technology Scholarships

Deadline: October 31, 2020

Amount: $6,000

The Association for Iron & Steel Technology, or AIST, is an international alliance of engineers devoted to the technology of iron and steel. AIST considers themselves to be among the foremost engineering technology organizations in the world and devotes much of their time and energy to drawing engineering students into their fold through internship and scholarship opportunities.

Open to students majoring in either metallurgy, materials science, electrical, chemical, industrial, environmental, or computer science engineering, the Steel Scholarships offer up to $3,000 in rewards for commitment to the organization’s mission. All college students in one of these disciplines are encouraged to apply, as long as their GPA is a minimum of 2.5. AIST looks for students who have a strong interest and passion in expanding the horizons of the technology they study and ask applicants to submit a resumé, academic transcript, and an essay detailing their interest in engineering and technology.

IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Initiative

Deadline: June 30

Amount: $7,000

It is no secret that the number one goal of most organizations that offer scholarships is to garner interest in their field among students who are on the fence about their career paths. The Insitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society makes this abundantly clear in their slogan, proudly displayed on the banner of their website: “Preparing the Next Generation of Power & Energy Engineers.” To help achieve this goal and reaffirm their genuine commitment to the future of engineering, PES offers an undergraduate scholarship in their name to assist students in getting through tuition fees.

The IEEE PES Scholarship Initiative counts among its future goals “changing the way we generate and utilize power,” a broader theme of the organization as a whole. To be eligible, one must be a declared electrical engineering major with a sustained high GPA that is committed to the field of power and energy and “eager to explore the field through career experiences”. Winners receive scholarship funds over three calendar years, with the winner receiving $2,000 for the first year, another $2,000 for the second year, and $3,000 for the third year. I’ll do the math for you: this generous scholarship totals at $7,000, a huge help to students who often struggle with debt.

BMW / SAE Engineering Scholarship

Deadline: March 15, 2020

Amount: $1,500

Throughout the past decade, funding for STEM-related programs has skyrocketed, especially since the downturn of the economy. STEM jobs are often portrayed as stable and ever-present due to their necessity in keeping society functioning, and undecided students are often encouraged to join one of the four majors if they are interested. The Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) has partnered with BMW to offer a scholarship for any budding high school engineer. This award is also renewable for up to three years, potentially earning you a total of $6,000 in scholarship money.

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