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Mistakes Students Make While Applying For Scholarships and How to Avoid Them

You should apply for scholarships to help cover the cost of college. scholarship search & applications
Scholarships are an ideal way to pay for a chunk of college expenses—especially since they don’t have to be paid back, unlike loans. With a variety of types and a variety of benefits, applying for scholarships should be at the top of college-bound and college-hopeful students’ to-do lists. No doubt a lot of time and …
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Scholarship Search: Where to Begin

Here's our scholarship search guide that will hopefully help you find scholarships! scholarship search & applications
A prominent worry that faces students and parents when considering higher education is, “How will I pay for it?” The most appealing option is certainly scholarships or grants. This is money given to you to pay for college that you don’t have to pay back! How nice is that? The trickier question is how do …
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Everything You Think You Know About College Scholarships Is Wrong

scholarship search & applications
“Scholarship” is one of the most important words in a student’s life. With the cost of college continuing to rise, everyone is asking: How am I going to afford school? And scholarships seem like the key to getting a degree without getting buried in debt. But, there’s just one problem. Most people simply don’t understand …
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Scholarship Statistics: Where Most College Scholarships Come From (INFOGRAPHIC)

College Scholarships Statistics Infographic - Where do most scholarships come from? scholarship search & applications
Let’s talk about college scholarship statistics. You’ve probably heard about them from your high school counselors, parents, and potential colleges, but what exactly are they? What do they do? How do they help? What is a scholarship? Essentially, scholarships award students “free money” to cover parts of their college education. Students don’t need to pay …
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