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How does the FAFSA Work?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is an application that all students planning to go to college should complete! So, how does FAFSA work? It’s designed to hand out federal student aid to students who need it most, but there are other benefits of completing the FAFSA – even if you think …
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The Rising Cost of a College Education: What Tools Exist to Reduce Future Financial Burden?

Much has been made of late about the rising cost of higher education.  And with good reason.  Over the last three decades, college tuition has far outstripped the cost of almost every other major family expense imaginable.  While housing costs have rising over 300% during that time and health care costs — controversial and much …
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Understanding College Debt Levels and Student Loan Payments

Many families get buried in huge college debt and massive monthly loan payments that they didn’t expect after graduation. Unfortunately, that can greatly impact both the student who took out loans and their family members. This applies to both the time spent in college and well into the student’s future. College Affordability One of the …