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How do you consolidate a loan?
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How do I Consolidate a Loan?

Understanding various ways that you can make the college loan process easier on yourself is important knowledge to have going into school. A majority of prospective college students will need some source of financial help, and if you’re included in this chunk of the population and don’t opt to apply for scholarships, odds are you’ll …
Is it better to get a fixed or variable student loan
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The Difference Between a Variable Rate and a Fixed Rate

There are a lot of questions students ask before taking loans to pay for college. For those who need a private student loan, one such consideration is: “Should I choose a fixed rate or variable interest rates”? In order to know what’s right for you, you’ll have to compare the two types of interest rates …
grants for college
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What is the Pell Grant?

Between scholarships, federal aid, and loans there is a lot to do before heading to college in the fall, but one thing you don’t want to forget about is the Pell Grant. It’s one more reason to complete the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. But what exactly is it? What Is the …
We're comparing apples and oranges, just like we're comparing and differentiating need-based and merit-based aid
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What’s the Difference Between Need-Based and Merit-Based Aid?

College can be quite expensive, which means you’re looking for ways to afford it. As you look for aid to help pay for college, you’ll hear a lot of phrases and acronyms. These are two phrases you probably hear a lot while you’re researching scholarship and financial aid opportunities: need-based and merit-based. But what is …
Here are some questions to ask your private student loan lender
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Questions You Should Ask Your Private Student Loan Lender

College is pricey, which means students are looking for ways to pay for their college education. Student loans are one of many ways to pay for college—but unlike gift aid, loans have to be paid back. A private loan should only be considered after you’ve fully exhausted scholarships, grants, and federal aid programs. Even then, …
Your grades and test scores may affect your financial aid opportunities.
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How GPA and Test Scores Affect Financial Aid Opportunities

Over the course of your high school career, people have probably told you to make sure you keep your grades up. You’ve probably stressed about your standardized test scores and your GPA. Those two factors play a very large role in the college admissions process. But do better grades result in better financial aid opportunities? …
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How to Improve Your Credit Score for Your Student Loans

If you’re relying on student loans to fund your college education, it’s important to take steps to improve your credit score. It’s never too early to get started with building credit. Building strong credit takes time. It is not an overnight undertaking. It takes months and years. The sooner you start, the more time you …