Don’t Overlook Local Scholarship Opportunities!

Don't forget about local scholarships!

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When it comes to scholarships, it can be very tempting to set your sights on big national opportunities with large payouts. As such, smaller, local scholarships can sometimes get overlooked. But small things can pack a big punch, and that is very true of local scholarships.

Local scholarship opportunities:

Companies, organizations, groups, and individuals in your hometown will host scholarships for students for various reasons. They may wish to promote a certain ideal held by their company, advance the education of someone interested in their field, or maybe just encourage students at the local high school to pursue a higher education. Whatever the reasoning, local scholarships can be great sources of financial aid for your college career. Take some time and try to find these local opportunities.

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Take advantage of your local scholarships!

Local scholarships can range anywhere from $50 to $1,000 or well beyond. They may be smaller than well-known scholarships, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seize your chance. Smaller scholarships often have less competition than larger ones, and so your odds of success are naturally higher. And even small amounts can add up pretty quickly and give you a significant financial aid boost.

So in addition to searching for nationwide opportunities, don’t forget to check out your local ones as well. The community wants to help you out and cheer you on towards your future.

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