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The Benefits of Getting Your BBA Online

As the digital age continues to rise, aspiring college graduates have turned to online courses to follow their fields of study. According to a 2012 study by Babson, it is estimated that 33% of all college students were enrolled in at least one online class. Some may find that taking one or two classes online …
Is an online art degree worth it?
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Are Online Art Degrees Worth It? A Real Online Art Student Gives Us Her Thoughts

Online coursework can be found in almost every subject area. From computer science to English, online programs cover pretty much everything. One program that is surprisingly popular is an online art degree. From single, beginner-level classes for people who want to learn a new skill, to Masters of Fine Art programs, there are many ways to …
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What are Hybrid Classes and How Do They Work?

It is no secret that online classes have become incredibly popular in recent years. They have grown from one or two classes at a few institutions to entire degree programs and online-only universities. While there are definitely benefits to online-only classes, there are also some downsides – including the inability to meet your classmates or …
You aren't the only person thinking about taking online classes.
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Thinking About Taking Online Classes? You’re Not Alone

One of the biggest changes in education has occurred over the last two decades with the rise of online learning. From the traditional 300-person lecture halls of modern academia to the ancient rituals held around the campfire by our distant ancestors, humans have, literally for centuries (or, as long as we have existed), learned through face-to-face teaching …
Are online degrees taken seriously?
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Are Online Degrees Taken Seriously? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Sure Yours Will Be

With every mention of online colleges, there seems to be an accompanying mention of diploma mills and lackluster online schools, programs, or classes. There’s an unfortunate stigma surrounding online degrees and colleges that comes from years of shady organizations offering degrees to just about anyone who would pay the price. There have been more and …
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7 Tips For Surviving Your Online Classes

Online classes and remote learning have become more and more popular in recent years and it is no surprise why. Students can fit one more class into a busy schedule, take a class at a community college for a lower tuition rate, or even get their entire degrees online. So figuring out how to survive …

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