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2022 university rankings

Top 25 Best Research Colleges in the US | 2022 Rankings

At the height of academia are the research colleges. These schools put a lot of emphasis on research from both students and faculty. Many of America’s best universities and colleges fall under the research title. They make incredible advancements in the sciences every single year. With top-notch resources, programs, and professors, the universities and colleges …
2022 university rankings

Top 25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the US | 2022 Rankings

The epitome of the term “well-rounded” is a liberal arts education. The Liberal Arts encompass a wide array of disciplines — from English to Business to Psychology. Lib arts colleges encourage students to explore subjects outside of their major and have a truly holistic education. Liberal arts colleges also typically have smaller student bodies, which …
2022 university rankings

Top 25 Best Private Colleges in the US | 2022 Rankings

Many of the best colleges in America are private; many are even household names. Rich with history, private colleges can go on to produce equally historic alumni. Private colleges tend to be nonprofit institutions that are funded internally through endowments and donations. Because of this, private colleges offer some of the highest financial aid packages …
2022 university rankings

Top 25 Best Public Colleges in the US | 2022 Rankings

Some of the greatest colleges in the country are public schools. These colleges are government-funded, tend to have larger and more diverse student bodies, and are filled with opportunities galore. Known for their student organizations, internship opportunities, intramural sports, public colleges also have many academic resources. This top 25 list puts the spotlight on the …
2022 university rankings

Top 50 Best Colleges in the United States | 2022 Rankings

The Top 50 Best Colleges in the United States is the most prestigious rankings list College Raptor releases annually. Schools featured on this list are the best of the best when it comes to higher education. With rich histories, gorgeous campuses, and incredible academic programs, these schools are phenomenal institutions. After thoroughly analyzing every college …
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What is a Technical School?

Not sure that traditional college is for you after your high school graduation? You don’t necessarily have to enter the workforce right away. You could benefit from attending a technical school and it could help you onto a great career path. Here’s a rundown of what a technical school is, what you can expect from …
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What is a Trade School?

As you get closer to graduating high school, you are usually presented with a decision: go to college or enter the workforce. However, there is a third option: attend a trade school. But what is a trade school? Let’s break it down. What is a Trade School? A trade school is a school that teaches …