Which are Better: Honors or AP Classes In High School?

Two yellow trophies with "AP" and "Honors" on them with a blue patterned background.Honors classes and AP classes are completely different from one another in several aspects. The most significant difference between the two is associated with college credit. Understanding the difference and advantages of both of these classes can help you make a more informed decision about which one is better for you.

Advantages Of Taking Honors Classes

Anyone can apply to be in honors courses so long as they have the right grades, scores, and teachers backing them. Taking honors courses is a fantastic opportunity for students to take another step further into pursuing higher education.

Honors courses follow a standard structure similar to high school. But they cover additional topics and go more in-depth with a more vigorous learning and studying routine. When Universities and high schools are in the same state, honors courses are looked at with higher regard by admissions.

Taking honors courses means a faster pace in class, more work, and tests that are more challenging. Getting straight A’s in high school is amazing work. Graduating with honors is a great way to stand out further and can reward students with college credits.

Advantages Of Taking AP Classes

Similar to being dual-enrolled in college, Advanced Placement courses provide academically elite and extra motivated students a platform to prepare to work at the college level. Taking these courses does benefit the student especially if AP test scores are noticeably high.

A perk of excelling in AP classes is that most colleges offer to give credits to students for their impressive grades and give them opportunities for placement in better classes when accepted. The number of credits or placement will vary based on which school the student applies for.

Certain universities also allow high school students to take AP courses directly on their campus so long as they qualify by passing a placement test. Students across the country take the AP test once a year in May. The test consists of multiple-choice and essay questions usually lasting between two and three hours. Home-schooled students have the option of taking AP courses online from the comfort of home. The best part is that taking online AP courses are available to students who are in either public or private schools as well.

So Which One Is Better?

Making a decision on which course to choose can be a real challenge for students. The good news is that most colleges give extra points to individuals who participated in either honors or AP courses. As stated above, colleges know that qualifying for honors means that your GPA is at an exceptional level. Colleges accept most honors students.

Students who excel and have a thirst for a more challenging experience at school can request either option. When applying to colleges, both AP and honors courses show universities that you want to explore higher levels of academics. Opportunities like these are available to those who have the ability and the drive to learn at a higher capacity.

Pursuing either form of elevated learning will benefit the student by helping to familiarize them with college-level academics.

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