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Hidden Gem Colleges in the Plains Region | 2023 Rankings

America’s heartland is vast, fertile, and filled with various industries. Additionally, it’s home to a bunch of amazing colleges. While some colleges are certainly household names, some aren’t quite as well known – though they should be! We wanted to feature some of the best colleges in the Plains region, otherwise commonly known as the …
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Hidden Gem Colleges in New England | 2023 Rankings

There are many well-known, household name colleges in New England. They are titans of higher education known the world over for their academics and reputation. However, there are just as many excellent colleges in the New England area that don’t receive as much attention as they deserve. That’s why we wanted to cast the spotlight …
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Hidden Gem Colleges in the Mid-East US | 2023 Rankings

Also known as the Mid-Atlantic region, this section of the East Coast has a host of incredible colleges — both known and relatively unknown. However, these lesser-known schools can be real diamonds in the rough. They provide ideal opportunities just waiting for you to learn about all they have to offer. To qualify as a …
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Easy to Make Meals for College Students

Now that you’ve been living on your own, you have probably come to a sad realization – feeding yourself is expensive! You may have wondered why you couldn’t talk your parents into going out to eat more often when you were younger; you probably didn’t realize it was in the name of frugality. Food is …
Moving into your college dorm is very exciting!
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What Does an RA Do in College?

A resident assistant (RA) holds a long list of responsibilities in the residential halls of your college. RAs are also students at the college but are usually in the later years of the undergraduate degree or they are graduate students. Resident assistants are there to enforce school policies in the living spaces, put together social …
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How Do Colleges Define the Study of Humanities?

As you explore the different majors that colleges offer, you’re sure to come across the study of humanities as an option. Although this is a pretty popular subject, there is some amount of confusion about what exactly is the study of humanities and what are the benefits of studying humanities. This article explains how colleges …