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5 Tips on Working with Your School Counselor on Your College Search

A school counselor pointing at a book while a student takes notes. college search
According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the national student-to-counselor ratio, is 478 to 1, nearly double the number recommended by the American School Counselor Association. Some states, like Minnesota, have a ratio of nearly 800 students for every school counselor, giving it the second-highest ratio in the nation, behind California.  Of course, …
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How To: Build Your College List

build your college list college search
Starting to build your college list can be confusing. Some students start by putting down the names of colleges they know. Others ask for suggestions from people they trust. However, without knowing much about the colleges, those might not be the best way to build your college list. College is a huge investment in time …
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Pros and Cons: Deciding Whether to Attend a State School as an Out-of-State Student

University of Wisconsin campus sculpture of Abraham Lincoln statue. college search
Many students want to go college far away from home. At first thought, many students think attending a state school will be cheaper. However, attending a state school as an out-of-state student is often much more expensive. There are pros and cons of attending a state school as an out-of-state student. Before making the decision …
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13 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Visit

A college visit is essential so you know if a college is for you or not college search
Most college counselors will strongly recommend that you visit the colleges you are considering. They are right. The college visit is the only way you will know if the campus feels “right”. The college visit scheduled with the admissions office will look very similar at many colleges. Visitors will get a brief information session about the …
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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Final College Visit

Photograph of the campus of the University of Vermont. A final campus visit can help you solidify your decision college search
You’ve applied, been admitted and now you have to decide where to spend your college years. If you’re not 100% sure about your college choice, this is a good time to visit or re-visit. Even if you’ve already visited a college before you applied, visiting a college after you’ve been accepted will help you focus …
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How to Choose a College Major

Future aspirations: Choosing a major even if you don’t know what you want to do How to choose a major Start with your passions and choose a general direction. Don’t be afraid to change your mind later. Most students do. For pre-professional programs, consider your undergraduate options carefully. Consider the downside to any major or career path. …
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How to Choose a College

Three students sitting at a table, with a laptop and notebooks on the table. college search
How to Choose a College: Overview Consider all of the factors of the college in your decision—including how it “feels”. Don’t rule out any colleges or factors until you’ve really explored them as an option. Students often change their minds about what they think they want in a college. Find information about programs and majors. …
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