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How to find a college for visually impaired students
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How to Find the Perfect College as a Visually Impaired Student

Unlike with wheelchair-accessible colleges, you might not be able to Google which college campuses are the most suitable for visually impaired students. Because of the spectrum for those with visual impairments—visually impaired, legally blind, and totally blind—there is likely no surefire thing universities can do about their campuses being easily navigable. In addition, each student …
You should consider attending a medium sized college
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Why a Medium-Sized College Might be Right For You

Without visiting college campuses, it’s hard to get a feel for how a college’s size will influence your experience as a student. But trust me on this: a medium sized college is the ideal fit. What is a medium sized college? College websites offer their various definitions, but the consensus generally falls in the 2,000 …
Finding a wheelchair accessible and friendly campus is important to many students.
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Best Wheelchair Accessible Colleges

Students focus on different things when deciding what colleges or universities to attend. Things like the majors that it offers, the academic programs, the dorms, the sports team, and many others are aspects most students find out before deciding. But what if you are a wheelchair student? You’ll have to look for wheelchair accessible campuses …
Here are some things deaf students in colleges and universities should keep in mind
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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: Things to Keep in Mind When Starting College

For hard of hearing and deaf students in colleges and universities, there can be a variety of obstacles on the path to pursuing higher education. Institutions typically leave the students in charge of finding and figuring out the accommodations they need.  It’s unlike high school where much of this process was decided between teachers, administrators, …
If you're thinking about options other than college, think again!
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Don’t Think College is an Option for You? Think Again!

Many high school students dream of college, and for some, that dream may seem unobtainable. There could be a number of factors that serve as obstacles that make students look at options other than college: financial need, poor grades, lack of examples, etc. College degrees are more important now than they’ve ever been before. 66% …
Outdoorsy students - Warren Wilson College
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6 Amazing Schools For Outdoorsy Students

There is no better feeling than being surrounded by nature. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the boundary waters, or just camping at the nearest state or national park, there is just something about getting away from the hustled and bustle of the city. For students hoping to incorporate their love of the …
academic prowess
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How to Gauge a School’s Academic Prowess

You know a great college atmosphere when you see it. Vibrant student life. Proven athletic teams. Lively events. But when it comes to the quality of education, how do you quantify a school’s academic prowess? Look for these features—even if you have to dig a little bit—to discover schools that strongly value academic prowess among …
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The Benefits to Choosing an Innovative College

You’ll find similar features at colleges and universities across the country. Most schools work off of one another for inspiration. Many also track and mimic successful trends. When you’re looking at schools, you’ll find common elements at virtually every school on your list. But what about the schools that stand out and are innovative? What …
Use social media to help your college search
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How to Use Social Media in Your College Search

It’s college application season. You’re bogged down by college entrance tests, essays, interviews, application forms—on top of your regular high school coursework. With all of these responsibilities, you might let other aspects of the college search fall through the cracks—like effectively using social media. Use social media to keep track of deadlines, learn about your …