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How to Choose a College

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How to Choose a College: Overview Consider all of the factors of the college in your decision—including how it “feels”. Don’t rule out any colleges or factors until you’ve really explored them as an option. Students often change their minds about what they think they want in a college. Find information about programs and majors. …
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Academic Fit and Lifestyle: Choosing the Right College is More than Just About the Cost

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In an earlier post we discussed how MyCollegePrice can help you discover the true cost of college given your family financial circumstances. Of course, there is more to choosing a college than deciding purely based on the hard financial numbers. Lifestyle, academic aspirations and academic fit play a significant part in the decision-making. More specifically, geography, college size, academic focus and specific college likes and dislikes should and do weigh heavily in a decision that is likely to have significant life impact over time. And of course, your high school academic performance and test scores will determine which schools are a best fit for you.
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