Colleges With the Coolest Pools & Swimming Facilities

Love to swim? Most colleges and universities have swimming facilities right on campus for students, faculty, alumni, and sometimes even the local community to enjoy. If swimming is a part of your life or even just a favorite hobby, you’ll definitely want to consider these schools with the coolest pools and swimming facilities.

University of Akron

At the University of Akron, there are a few choices when it comes to relaxing in the water or hitting the laps. At the Ocasek Natatorium is the Olympic sized competition pool with a diving well. Over at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on campus, you can find a few more places to swim. With a 30 person hot tub and a leisure pool with a lazy river included, you’ll always have a way to relax after a hard exam or study session.

Akron also offers swim lessons, certification and fitness courses, and triathlon training programs to the public. Over the course of a year, the university will play host to 50 or more events for college, high school, and specific age groups.

University of Missouri—Columbia

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The state may be landlocked, but a beach is in sight at the University of Missouri and the Mizzou Aquatic Center. Although only opening in mid-April, heading to Truman’s Pond is a great way to spend the final weeks of your semester, when you’re not studying for finals that is! With lounge chairs, music, and couches, it’s definitely a change of pace.

In addition to the beach, the university is home to Tiger Grotto. Almost like a resort, there is a lazy river, waterfall, hot tub, steam room, sauna, and vortex. You’ll always be able to find a relaxing moment in the water here. The University of Missouri also features a 50 meter pool with training equipment, disinfection systems that provide better water quality, and a diving well.


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University of Texas—Austin

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Heading south, the University of Texas is home to one of the largest college aquatic centers (as well as one of the largest fitness centers) in the United States. At the Gregory Gym Aquatic Complex, there are two indoor pools and two outdoor pools. One indoor and one outdoor pool are for doing laps, while the other two are designed for leisure.

There is also an event pool, deck space, a lounge, and a 20 person outdoor spa. If you’re hoping to spend some time outside at the pool, but need to get some work done, don’t worry. You can get wireless internet as you enjoy the sun.

Texas Tech University

Lazy rivers are the ultimate form of relaxation, and so Texas Tech made sure to include one in their Student Recreation Center. The river is 645 feet long, allowing students to ride in their inner tubes and wind around the facility.

The leisure pool is one of the nation’s largest, ensuring there’s always plenty of room for students to splash around and unwind. It includes wonderful features like: an eight lane lap pool, a 25 person hot tub, a drop slide, poolside snacks, and a lounging wet deck.  

Nova Southeastern University

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College is stressful, and sometimes students need to get away from it all for a refreshing break. And what better relaxes than waterfalls, heated pools, and resort-style atmosphere? Nova Southeastern is treating its students right. Oh, and it’s all solar-powered.

In addition to the leisure pool, Nova Southeastern boasts the largest competition pool and diving well in the state of Florida. The competition pool features three diving boards—two one meters, and one three meter.

The University of Iowa

Photo courtesy of the University of Iowa and photographer Kun Zhang

There’s lots to do at Iowa’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, the the pool facilities have a lot to offer. There is an indoor 20-yard lap pool for those looking for a great workout.

The leisure pool is ideal for fun and relaxation. There is a 25 person spa, a lazy river, a water vortex, a bouldering wall, and all at a balmy 84-degree temperature so you can swim even in those cold, cold Iowa winters.  

These are only some of the coolest pools and swimming facilities you can find at colleges around the United States. If swimming is a big part of your daily routine or you just love the water, make sure you check out the athletic facilities online or in person before you apply to a college. You may even be able to hop into the water before you’re accepted or attend in the fall depending on the school’s athletic center policies!

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