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Becoming a Therapist: Physical Vs Occupational Therapy

Starting a career as a therapist requires making a lot of important choices. The most important choice is deciding between a career as a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. Either way, you will become a great force for positive change in the lives of countless people. However, there are some differences between the two …
The kind of internship you want depends on your interests and goals
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What Kind of Internship Should I Look For?

It is well-known that to get a job in today’s society, one must have some form of experience. Internships are helpful in this regard: They are designed to give you experience. Sometimes they’re paid, which makes things a little easier. Many, however, will be “paying” you with experience and college credit. So other than that, …
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Do Employers Care About Your ACT/SAT Score?

Most employers do not even think about checking out standardized test scores when hiring candidates. This is especially if the applicant has had some amount of work experience under their belt already. However when hiring applicants who have recently graduated and who do not have a lot of work experience, employers do not have any …
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Why Companies Like Hiring Liberal Arts Majors

Sure, everyone may say that STEM and business majors are the ones set after college. But even CEOs are telling college students that they are hiring Liberal Arts majors and that Liberal Arts majors still have an important part to play in the future job market. Mark Cuban, businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, …
Summer internships can be competitive, so you should apply earlier than expected
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When to Start Searching for Summer Internships

Summer internships are great opportunities to gain some experience in your field (while hopefully getting paid, but you may get unpaid internships). Because most students don’t take summer courses, these internships can be competitive. It pays to start looking earlier than you think. Where can I look for summer internships? One option that students can …
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Five Things to Avoid Saying in Any Interview

So, you’ve finally handed in your last assignment and you’ll soon be ready to receive your diploma and display it proudly on your bedroom wall. It’s now time to prepare for that all-important interview for your very first ‘proper’ job or internship. But what to say or do or avoid? Interviews can be one of …
Is working while in college a good idea?

3 Myths About Working While in College

The debate over the benefits and drawbacks of working in college is ongoing, with both sides sticking firmly to their point of view. Several studies that have been done into this area have thrown up some interesting facts, some completely contrary to the prevailing beliefs. Busting some of the myths about working while in college …