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Engineers: Why are Only 13% of Them Women?

Currently, only 13% of practicing engineers in the United States are women. Logical reasoning should make engineering an appealing job for everyone: Engineers earn above average in the United States, a Mechanical Engineer, for example, has a mean annual salary of $88,190, according to Michigan Tech. So why are women less interested in a career …
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Why Internships are So Important

You’ve been asked the question by everyone, from your parents, friends, and even distant relatives: “Are you looking for an internship?” As you pack up your dorm room or apartment, getting ready to head home for the summer, chances are good that you’ll be thinking of your summer plans, and whether or not you have …
Nail your internship interview and get the internship
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How to Nail an Internship Interview

Internships are a great source of experience in your field of study and fantastic resume builders. It’s recommended to try and get at least one, if not two, during your college career—summer is prime-time, but there are also opportunities during the academic term. But to get that experience, first you’ve got to get the internship—and …
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How to Find an Internship in Your Field of Study

Internships are amazing resume-builders, and the experience you gain from them is incredibly valuable. Really, any internship is a great opportunity to learn, but an internship in your particular field of study—or related to your future dream career—is even better. Here are some tips for finding the perfect internship. Talk to the faculty in your …
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Consider These Undergrad Majors If You Are Planning On Becoming A Doctor

Most students automatically assume that majoring in biomedical sciences and other similar subjects is a prerequisite for applying to a graduate medical program. However, that’s not necessarily true. You can choose to major in biomedical sciences if you want to, but it is not a mandatory requirement. Medical schools are not just looking for applicants …
There are plenty of benefits that come with a summer internship
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The Benefits of a Summer Internship

Hollywood loves to poke fun at interns, often portraying them as youthful coffee-fetchers, but the reality is pretty far from that caricature. Interns may be the youngest in the office, but their work is often quintessential to a business. A summer internship is most definitely worth looking into, and here are just a few of …
Here's how to make a resume if you've never had a job.
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How Your Resume Should Look If You’ve Never Worked Before

For every high school or college graduate, the period immediately following graduation is one of great confusion. The long-established tradition is that in order to properly enter the adult world and the job market altogether, each of them has to produce a resume. However, constructing an impressive resume can prove to be a challenge for …
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Becoming a Therapist: Physical Vs Occupational Therapy

Starting a career as a therapist requires making a lot of important choices. The most important choice is deciding between a career as a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. Either way, you will become a great force for positive change in the lives of countless people. However, there are some differences between the two …
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What Kind of Internship Should I Look For?

It is well-known that to get a job in today’s society, one must have some form of experience. Internships are helpful in this regard: They are designed to give you experience. Sometimes they’re paid, which makes things a little easier. Many, however, will be “paying” you with experience and college credit. So other than that, …