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Job Hunting in the Digital Age (Infographic)

careers & internships
  Current college students and fresh grads know that landing that dream job or internship is more than having the experience and even the connections. It is about having the savvy to communicate your skills and ambition through a digital narrative. Although now you can easily access job applications and contact hiring supervisors directly through …
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Pros and Cons: Unpaid Internships

Are unpaid internships worth it? careers & internships
There is a lot of ongoing debate about whether or not unpaid internships are “worth it” or not. Half the time when you Google that very question you’re met with positive “Yes! Absolutely!” and the other half is “100% No!” Part of the debate deals with the opposing pros and cons. And, of course, most of …
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Myth: I Have to Know My Career Goal Before College

You don't need to know what your career goal is before going to college myths
As nice as it would be to know exactly what you want to do right off the bat, it may not be the case. And that’s ok! Not everyone has a set-in-stone plan by the first day of Freshman year, and even those with a clear career goal or outline might find their plans changing. College …
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Careers with the Highest Job Openings

majors & industries
You’re in the thick of your college search and trying to find the best college match for you. There are so many criteria to evaluate when you choose a college. The size of campus and surrounding community, net price to attend, acceptance odds, and what you want to study. The last one is often a …
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Majors for the Highest Paid Jobs by Industry

Highest paid jobs - engineering and architecture majors & industries
There are many things to consider when choosing a major that will lead to your career such as, work life balance, advancement opportunities, location, fulfillment, and pay. These factors will play distinct roles for different individuals. While the basis of pay is not a good factor to base your entire decision off of, it certainly …
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Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Resume

Here's some tips on how to create an eye-catching resume careers & internships
  One of the most necessary parts of obtaining a professional job is often a mystery to many college students. A well polished resume is essentially your foot in the door to the job you want. So what is a resume? A resume is a highlight of your professional skills, experience, and achievements. This is …
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So You Want to Be a Doctor: 14 Tips for Current and Future Pre-Med Students

We put together a few tips for pre-med students. careers & internships
Each year, tens of thousands of aspiring doctors enter their first year of college. Many are confused about what it means to really be a “Pre-med” (hint: this isn’t your major–it’s just a designation). The schooling it takes to officially become an MD is legendary for its grueling workload and long hours. So, why take …
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