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We put together a list of 6 of the most popular undergraduate majors.
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The 6 Most Popular Undergraduate Majors

Selecting a major or field of study to pursue is a big part of college life. After all, it could very well dictate the career you pursue after graduation! It’s something that deserves plenty of thought. Some students know exactly what they want to study even before they apply to college. However, others may decide …

Myths about College Majors

Selecting a college major can be both a rewarding and confusing enterprise. Majors can range from general to niche. You can double major, switch majors, select a specialization within your major. But with all these options available, misconceptions and myths can muddy the water. Here are a few common myths about college majors: I have …
Internships are not only for college students

Myth: Internships Are Only for College Students

We most often hear about how a college student we know is aiming for this internship during their summer or that one immediately after graduation, but did you know that interning isn’t only for people in college? Here’s why you should still consider going after that internship even if you’re still in high school: Great …
Students in an internship, a great way to prepare students for future careers.
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Best Websites For Finding An Internship

Internships are good venues to prepare high school and college students like you for professional growth and success. It eases the transition from school to the workforce by giving you skills development, work-related experiences, and professional connections. Furthermore, it exposes you to real-world problems, trains you in handling such situations well, and eventually nurtures adaptability to …
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How to Ace the LSAT: 5 Tips for Success

Figuring out how to ace the LSAT is not easy. LSAT builds so many difficult questions into the test that performing well on test day will be challenging for even the sharpest students. You know your goal score, and you know how much you are going to need to study. (On the other hand, perhaps …
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The Pros and Cons of Being a Double Major

If a student is a double major, they pursue two different fields of study and complete two sets of requirements before graduation. It can be a great way to bolster one field with another—say, Business with a double major in Marketing, for example—or earn a degree in two entirely different fields that the student is …
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How to Jump Start Your First Graduate Job Search

After slugging your way through the endless drudgery of academia, you have finally arrived. You are a graduate with a diploma, eager to begin your career. While the economy has been improving over the last few years, the job market for educated yet inexperienced graduates is tough. Many people find themselves overwhelmed by the effort …