4 College Majors to Consider If You Want to Be a Lawyer

The two most important prerequisites for acceptance into law school are a high GPA and high scores in the LSAT exam. Law schools are more interested in these two factors rather than your major. However, there are a few majors that will help you be better prepared for law school. For future lawyers, consider these undergrad college majors:

A gavel next to two stacked books.


A lot of legal matters touch upon ethics, principles, logic, and morality, all of which are topics that are covered in philosophy.


Studying English will give you a stronger command over the oral and written aspects of the language. This is an invaluable asset when you are putting forward your case in court or creating a written deposition.


Studying history gives you a vital perspective of how the past shaped today’s laws and the justice system. Majoring in history also involves a lot of research and writing. That practice can be useful when you have to do the same as a lawyer.

Political Science

The study of public policy, government law, and governmental systems, political science is an excellent foundation for a career as a lawyer.

Most of your time in law school will be spent doing research and writing. Choosing a major that involves a lot of research and writing will help you master these skills. It also paves the way for a relatively easier time in law school.

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