A Few Interesting Jobs for a History Major

The Parthenon temple at the Acropolis in Greece

Another major that gets a lot of flack for “lack of job opportunities” is History. Many people believe there is very little you can do with a bachelor’s degree or higher in History, but that’s simply not true. Check out some of these great jobs a history major!


Did you know that many history majors actually work towards a career as a lawyer? Although you will need to continue with your education beyond a bachelor’s in History, you can work towards this career if it interests you!

The median wage for a lawyer is $120,910 and each year sees just under 41,000 job openings. To learn more about projected employment, wages, and other info on this career, check it out in our career center.

Teacher or Professor

Another great option for history majors includes becoming a teacher in a K-12 school or even continuing their education to become a professor in a college or university. Some states will require you to have a master’s degree, however, to teach in a K-12 too.

Elementary school teachers make a median wage of $58,230 a year with over 100,000 job openings each year. Middle school teachers make slightly more, $58,500, with fewer job openings. If you’re interested in becoming a history professor at a college or university, the median wage is $74,490 and has a very high projected growth rate.


Anthropologists study archaeology, biological/physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural/social anthropology. You generally will need a master’s degree to enter this field, but it can be used to help cultures, public spaces, and even social policies.

Anthropologists make about $62,410 a year, but the position only sees about 700 job openings a year. Another option you have is to become an anthropology or archaeology teacher in a college or university. They make a median of $82,940.


Another career a history major can aim for is a to become a librarian. They can work in school settings, museums, local libraries, non-profits, and more. However, they do require you to have a master’s degree in library sciences, so you will need to continue school after you receive your undergraduate degree.

Currently, librarians make about $59,050 a year with 14,500 jobs opening annually. In 2016, there were just over 138,000 librarians in the United States.


A fifth option for history majors is becoming a curator. These are people who look over artifacts and the like at museums, historical sites, and similar venues. About 31% of students pursue a curator position with a bachelor’s degree, but about 42% have a master’s.

Employment numbers are expected to change about 14% between 2016 and 2026. 

There is plenty you can do with a degree in history! If you think this is the major for you, do a little research into available job opportunities to find what works for your future. You can also do research into job summaries, projected growth, and median wages through College Raptor’s Career Center!

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