What Can You Do With a Liberal Arts Degree?

You may hear the rumor that a liberal arts degree won’t help you find a job, but that’s simply not the case. There are plenty of jobs you can do with this type of degree, and earn good money too! Here are some great examples of things you can do with a liberal arts degree!

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The Difference Between Liberal Arts and the Humanities

First off, let’s clarify a misconception. The Liberal Arts and Humanities are often mixed up, or used interchangeably, and it’s caused some confusion. Liberal Arts is often shortened from its longer name: The Liberal Arts and Sciences. Liberal Arts includes subjects like biology and math—though typically in a general education, rather than a super niche, technical one.

Many people think of the Humanities when they hear Liberal Arts. And it makes sense. The Humanities are a part of Lib Arts. Humanities subjects include things like visual art, literature, history, philosophy, and more.

What Are Liberal Arts Majors?

Liberal arts majors usually get a bad rep regarding job options, but it’s actually quite the opposite. These majors can give you a well-rounded perspective and skill set that is needed in jobs today, making the market for these positions a bit competitive. Liberal arts options vary from school to school, but some of the most popular choices include:

Writing and Editing

If you’re an English, Journalism, or similar major, one versatile option you have is in writing. A few choices include being a creative writer, journalist, or editor, but you may also choose to work in public relations or public affairs. You could also choose:

Work in Politics

Another option you may have is to work in politics, especially if you have a Political Science degree. If you choose not to be a politician, you also have the option of being a lobbyist, legislative assistant, urban planner, or city manager. You could opt to become a policy analyst as well, either for a city, business, or for an organization.

Continue Your Education

Another route liberal arts students have is actually to continue their education to obtain a Master’s degree. You can choose to work towards careers in education, business, law, journalism, medical or health science, psychology, sociology, library science, and many more options.

There Are Plenty of Other Jobs for Liberal Arts Degrees!

In addition to these choices, there are plenty of other jobs for students with liberal arts degrees. Some of them include:

If you’re not sure about your career options for your particular major, make sure you talk to your adviser or college’s career center to talk over your choices. You can also do research to determine which major would best suit your career goals. Internships, visiting job sites, and talking to professors and alumni of your major are other great resources you can use to determine your major, goals, and potential future career!

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