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The FAFSA for Beginners

FAFSA for beginners: here's a breakdown of the FAFSA financial aid
While researching the financial aspect of applying to college, you will come across the term FAFSA several times. If you are new to the whole college application process, you would probably not be familiar with the term. However, you cannot afford to ignore it. Understanding the FAFSA is crucial. It can make a major difference …
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How To Maximize Your Merit-Based Financial Aid

Students are posing in front of the chalkboard. financial aid
When it comes to merit-based financial aid, students are awarded based on their academic accomplishments, special skills, and demographics. You may qualify for merit-based financial aid if you’ve earned good grades in high school, or you’ve gained special recognition for your skills in any field, or for your dedication to community service, or belong to …
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Common Mistakes Students Make With Financial Aid

Five dollar bill burning with fire. financial aid
With the cost of college tuition increasing every year, it has become uncommon for families in America to self-fund their students’ college education. Most students need at least some financial aid to help cover their tuition fees. Fortunately, there is plenty of financial aid available in the form of scholarships, grants and loans. Unfortunately, many …
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A FAFSA Mobile App May be On the Way!

The FAFSA mobile app may be on the way financial aid
12/21/17 No one will deny that college is an expensive investment. But what people don’t talk about nearly as often are the financial aid opportunities available to students that can make college a reality. Conversations automatically go towards student loans and the astronomical national debt, but not towards federal student aid. In fact, studies have …
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Interesting Stats About the FAFSA

Overlay text "FAFSA STATS" against a grey background with a human cartoon that has a percentage in their head bubble. financial aid
You hear it time and time again during your senior year of high school: Complete your FAFSA! They’re not saying it idly. Every year, thousands of dollars are left unused by college students not aware that they qualify for federal financial aid. Many don’t bother to apply thinking they simply won’t qualify, their parents make …
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How Financial Aid And Work Study Affect Each Other

Side view of student looking through the microscope. financial aid
The financial aid package that is offered to most college students typically includes a combination of scholarships / grants—which are free money—and loans, which have to be paid back with interest. In addition to this standard financial aid package, some students also receive work-study options as a part of the total cash award. Not all …
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How Student And Parent Assets Affect Financial Aid

College graduate with her parents. financial aid
Applying for financial aid towards college tuition starts with submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When filling in details of the family’s finances on the FAFSA, all assets owned by parents and dependent students must be reported separately. This is because the parent’s assets and the student’s assets are evaluated differently. Here’s …
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