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How Parents Can Help Pay for College

As parents, how do you even start paying for college? financial aid
In this guide we’ll answer the following questions: How can I start saving for my child’s college education? How can we find an affordable school? What’s the difference between net price and sticker price? Why is it important to compare financial aid packages? Should we consider community or online colleges? What if our savings aren’t …
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How to Pay for College

Here's a guide on how to pay for college financial aid
In this guide we’ll cover the following questions: How do I find affordable colleges? What’s the difference between net price and sticker price? Why should you compare financial aid packages? Can you save money with community or online colleges? What do I do if college savings aren’t enough to cover everything? How important is the …
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How To Get A Work Study

Three students are discussing while holding their tabs on a green field - with cows in the background. financial aid
Funding your lifestyle remains one of the largest concerns for students entering college. Students turn to many forms of financial assistance. Of the many forms of federal financial aid, work study is often overlooked by students. Often, students will think the program doesn’t apply to them and not look further into it. However, just like …
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Why You Have To Read Your Offer Letter Carefully

A white envelope pinned against a rainbow wooden board. financial aid
The offer letter that colleges send you contains crucial information about the aid you are being offered. A typical offer letter will provide details about the types and sources of financial aid available to you. While all offer letters are the same in that they contain important information about the aid you are being offered, …
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Where To Learn About Financial Aid

Where can you learn about financial aid financial aid
The transition into college means thinking about factors you might not have considered before: one of the largest factors is money. The college financial aid process can be complex, especially if you’re new to it. Not taking the time to understand how it works or how much financial aid you are eligible for could result …
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Bad Financial Aid “Advice” To Avoid

financial aid
If you are applying to college, you are sure to be looking for advice about student loans. While there is plenty of really good advice out there, we’ve come across some bad advice that you would do best to avoid. Filing the FAFSA is a waste of time if your family income is above average …
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FAFSA: More Than Just Federal Financial Aid

Two 1990 liberty coins. financial aid
Completing the FAFSA is the first step towards getting any type of financial aid towards college. Unfortunately, every year too many families across the US don’t file the FAFSA because they presume that they are not eligible for financial aid, so why bother with the formalities? The single biggest mistake you can make with getting …
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FAQs About Work-Study Programs

A woman standing between two shelves looking for a book. financial aid
A work-study program is a type of financial aid that allows students with financial need the opportunity to earn money that can be used to cover part of their educational and living expenses. It is offered to eligible students as part of their financial aid package. Do all students automatically qualify for work-study?   No, …
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Pros And Cons Of Front-Loaded Financial Aid Packages

Scholarship for College financial aid
A front-loaded financial aid package is one in which the college offers a generous financial aid package to first-year students and then reduces it over the subsequent years. The reason why colleges front-load their financial aid packages is simple—they do it to offer aid and attract more students with it. But what’s in it for …
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