State Grants for Minnesota Students

Almost all states offer their students grants to better afford college – Minnesota included! We put together a quick list of some of the grants Minnesota offers, plus give you some links to additional resources for affording college in the state!

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Minnesota State Grants

1. Minnesota State Grant Program

Available to low and moderate income families, the Minnesota State Grant program can be used in over 130 schools in the state. The award amount depends on the year, the type of school the individual is attending, and cost of tuition, and financial need. Undocumented students can apply through the MN Dream Act application, too.

Other students have to:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Be attending a participating college within Minnesota
  • Be taking at least 3 credits
  • Not have already received a bachelor’s

The award can be renewed, but it requires the student to reapply each year.


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2. Postsecondary Child Care Grant Program

If you are taking care of a child, you may be eligible for the Child Care Grant. The maximum granted award is $6,500 per eligible child per year, but it can be slightly higher in areas that have higher childcare costs. Parents who apply must:

  • Have a child younger than 12 years old
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be residents of Minnesota
  • Be attending an eligible school in the state
  • Go through their college’s financial aid office 

3. Minnesota Future Together Grants

The Minnesota Future Together Grants is a new program that will offer full tuition to students until the program runs out of money. Eligibility varies from school to school and can be renewed. 

In order to qualify, students have to

  • Complete their FAFSA and/or the MN Dream Act Application
  • Be a Minnesota resident
  • Be attending an eligible in-state school
  • Be enrolling in college for the first time or not have been enrolled in any school for the last 3 semesters
  • Be planning to major or pursue a career in a high-need area including healthcare, STEM, industry, technology, business, education, and/or public service
  • Demonstrate financial need

4. And More

Other state grants to Minnesota students include:

  • Minnesota Student Teacher Grants
  • Minnesota Student Teachers in Shortage Areas Grant
  • Minnesota Underrepresented Student Teacher Grant
  • Fostering Independence Higher Education Grants
  • Minnesota Aspiring Teachers of Color Pilot Program
  • Various grants and scholarships for students with special circumstances
  • And others

Where Can You Find More Information on Minnesota State Grants?

For more information on the above-listed grants, scholarships, and financial aid programs in Minnesota, we recommend heading over to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education website. There, students can find additional resources including tips for lowering the cost of education, financial aid estimators, military service benefits, education tax benefits, and more. 

Affording college is no joke! It’s important to consider all the different avenues available to you for lower costs. After applying for the state grants you qualify for above, we recommend using our Scholarship Search tool to uncover other programs you’re eligible for!


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