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What You Need To Know About the FAFSA Renewal Process

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is vital to qualify for low-cost financial aid towards college. You won’t be eligible for federal or state financial aid without filing this application. Many scholarships and grants also require recipients to have filed the FAFSA. The information on the form determines your eligibility for …
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A Walkthrough Of The FAFSA App – myStudentAid

The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid is notoriously time-consuming. It asks for all sorts of information with special emphasis on your financial details. While filling out the application, you have to make doubly sure that all the information you provide is accurate. However daunting the prospect, filling this form is important in …
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Can I Edit The FAFSA After I Submit It?

Yes, you can edit the FAFSA after you’ve submitted it. And, you should edit it if any information is inaccurate or outdated. When filling out the FAFSA, you are required to enter information that’s correct as of the day you sign the application. However, this information could change any time. You may move and have …
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2021-2022 FAFSA Updates You Should Know About!

October is here which means the FAFSA has arrived. This year, for the 2021-2022 school season, the FAFSA has a few updates. While there aren’t as many changes as previous years, it’s still important to know what is different. Read on to discover what major changes the FAFSA form has in store. $0 EFC Threshold …
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How COVID Affects Work Study Jobs

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, colleges across the U.S. have shut down their campuses. Faculty are conducting virtual classes from their own homes. These total campus shut-downs are preventing students from performing their work study jobs and getting paid. Many students depend on this additional income to help them …
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How to Apply for Coronavirus Relief for College

If you’re in college or have recently graduated and have student loans, you may be wondering how your loans and financial aid will be affected in the coming months in response to the coronavirus. Do you have to apply? How do you apply for coronavirus relief? What will you receive? We cover the needed info …
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Coronavirus Aid: How COVID-19 Affects College Finances

As a student or recent alumni, you might wonder how COVID-19 affects your colleges finances. Is there coronavirus aid available? Do you qualify? The quick answer: it depends. Here are some facts you need to know: Most Students Keep Their Financial Aid… Colleges have switched over to online courses, but this has not affected financial …
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The FAFSA Simplification Act of 2019

Every year, thousands of college-bound students lose out on financial aid by not filing the FAFSA. Many are intimidated by the complex questions they encounter on the FAFSA. If you’ve filled out a FAFSA even once, you can empathize. It can be confusing and yes, intimidating too. It is especially cumbersome to new filers. Given …
What does the FAFSA stand for and how do you apply to the FAFSA?
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What Does The FAFSA Stand For?

When you start researching your financial aid options for college, one term you’ll come across a lot is ‘FAFSA’. So, what does the FAFSA stand for? FAFSA is an abbreviation for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is an application you need to submit to determine your eligibility for all federal financial aid programs. …
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What You Need to Know About the 2020–2021 FAFSA Updates

If you’re looking into financial aid for the upcoming 2020–2021 school year, you should be aware of important FAFSA updates. There are a number of alterations from last year’s form—from question eliminations to some much-needed updates.  Here’s what you need to know about the 2020–21 FAFSA.  Why is it Updating? There are two main reasons …