State Grants for North Dakota

Are you thinking about staying in your home state of North Dakota and attending college? The state offers a few different financial aid programs to help its students afford the cost of higher education. We outlined a few of them below, plus provided links to additional resources and information about these programs.

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North Dakota State Grants

1. Student Financial Assistance Program

Also known as the State Grant, this North Dakota financial aid program is dedicated to those who can demonstrate financial need and are attending college for the first time. It awards up to $1,375 per semester or $917 per quarter and the amount the student receives depends on enrollment status. Students can apply for the grant through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and it is highly recommended that you complete your FAFSA as soon as possible as grant aid can quickly run out.

In order to qualify, students must also have graduated from high school, completed a home school program, or earned their GED in North Dakota or a neighboring state.

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2. Native American Scholarship

For students who are enrolled members of recognized Native American tribes, there is the Native American Scholarship. Merit and need-based, the scholarship can grant up to $2,000 per year and it is renewable.

To apply, students must:

  • Be North Dakota residents.
  • Be attending college full time.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Complete their application with verification of tribal enrollment by July 15th.
  • Be pursuing a certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate level degree.
  • Have a 3.50 GPA or higher for the merit-based scholarship.
  • Have GPA between a 2.0-3.499 and demonstrate financial need for the need-based scholarship.

3. ND Scholars Program

A merit-based scholarship, the ND Scholars Program is for students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. It awards the regular undergraduate solution rate based on the North Dakota University System. 

To be eligible, applicants must score at or above the 95th percentile for the ACT or SAT within the state before July 1st and be in high school. Funding will be distributed starting with the highest test scores until the money is no longer available for the program, so not all students who scored in the 95th percentile and above will receive this scholarship.

4. And More

Additional scholarships through the state of North Dakota include:

  • ND Academic Scholarship
  • ND Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship
  • ND Scholarship

Where Can You Find More Information on North Dakota State Grants?

Prospective college students interested in learning more about the grants and scholarships available in the state can visit the North Dakota University System website. It is a unified system under the State Board of Higher Education, and students can also find additional details about attending one of the universities within the system.

Your state’s grant programs are an excellent place to start your search for financial aid programs, awards, and scholarships that can help you better afford college – but many of these awards are not free rides. To help cover the gap, College Raptor recommends applying for additional scholarships. Using our Scholarship Search Tool, students can quickly identify scholarships they qualify for and start applying. Plus, it’s completely free! Start on your search for free money here today.

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