State Grants for Michigan Students

Michigan students can find a number of Michigan college grants, programs, and more on their state’s website! We cover just a few of the many awards below, plus give you resources where you can find additional information on programs you may be eligible for.

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Michigan State Grants

1. MI Future Educator Fellowship

For future teachers, there is the MI Future Educator Fellowship as long as they are enrolled in an Educator Preparation Program (EPP). Students must agree to work for a set amount of years after graduation in order to not have to repay the award. For example, if you want to receive the fellowship for three years, you must agree to teach in Michigan for 5 years following graduation. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will have to pay back the full amount.

To apply, students must

  • Complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Be attending school full time
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Agree to the Commitment to Teach in Michigan Agreement

No origination fees or prepayment penalties

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2. Michigan Achievement Scholarship

Students who have graduated high school (or achieved the equivalent) and have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of less than $25,000 can be eligible for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship. Awards can vary between $2,750 and $5,500 depending on the college.

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Must complete the FAFSA
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Maintain satisfactory grades set by the school in order to have the award renewed

3. Fostering Futures Scholarship

The Fostering Futures Scholarship (FFS) is for students who were in foster care due to abuse or neglect on or after their 13th birthday. The individual must be attending a participating college in order to receive up to $3,000 to put towards college, fees, and supplies. 

Students must also:

  • Complete their FAFSA
  • Be attending college for at least six credit hours
  • Maintain satisfactory grades in order to be eligible for renewal

4. Michigan Competitive Scholarship

The Michigan Competitive Scholarship is for students who have demonstrated academic merit as well as financial need. Eligible students may receive up to $1,500 per academic year. 

In order to apply, those interested have to:

  • Complete their FAFSA
  • Achieve above a 1200 on the SAT or a 23 on the ACT
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be taking at least 6 credit hours per semester
  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Be attending a qualifying college in Michigan

The award can be renewed but the student has to maintain grades per the school’s requirements and has at least a 2.0 GPA.

5. And More

Other awards and programs available to Michigan students include

  • MI Future Educator Stipend
  • Children of Veterans Tuition Grant
  • Dual Enrollment Program
  • Future for Frontliners
  • Michigan Reconnect Scholarship
  • Michigan Tuition Grant
  • Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s Survivor Tuition Grant
  • Tuition Incentive Program

Where Can You Find More Information on Michigan Grants?

For further information, fact sheets, application processes, and more about the awards listed above and others in Michigan state, students can head over to the Michigan website for Student Aid. Students can also find details on the state portal, award letters, and paying for college in Michigan there.

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