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Financial Aid Timeline: Know What to Do and When

The financial aid process can be a bit daunting. Different forms of aid have different formalities, different eligibility requirements, and different deadlines too. The key to benefiting from the various financial aid schemes is to understand and keep track of the requirements and deadlines. Financial aid is typically distributed on a first come first served …
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What is the Pell Grant?

Between scholarships, federal aid, and loans there is a lot to do before heading to college in the fall, but one thing you don’t want to forget about is the Pell Grant. It’s one more reason to complete the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. But what exactly is it? What Is the …
We're comparing apples and oranges, just like we're comparing and differentiating need-based and merit-based aid
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What’s the Difference Between Need-Based and Merit-Based Aid?

College can be quite expensive, which means you’re looking for ways to afford it. As you look for aid to help pay for college, you’ll hear a lot of phrases and acronyms. These are two phrases you probably hear a lot while you’re researching scholarship and financial aid opportunities: need-based and merit-based. But what is …
Your grades and test scores may affect your financial aid opportunities.
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How GPA and Test Scores Affect Financial Aid Opportunities

Over the course of your high school career, people have probably told you to make sure you keep your grades up. You’ve probably stressed about your standardized test scores and your GPA. Those two factors play a very large role in the college admissions process. But do better grades result in better financial aid opportunities? …
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Bad Excuses for Not Filing for Financial Aid

No matter the reason, everyone should be filling out the FAFSA, or Free Application For Federal Student Aid, each year. Here are a few bad excuses we’ve heard students give when asked why they didn’t complete the application: I Won’t Qualify The number one reason that students or parents don’t complete the FAFSA is that …
How will your parents' college savings account affect your aid
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How Will My Parents’ College Savings Affect My Financial Aid?

You’re applying to colleges and finally got to the part about financial aid. Calculating financial need is a complicated process. There are so many factors that go into it that families might not always expect. One of these factors, your parents’ college savings accounts, is frequently an area of great concern to parents and students …
What does a front-loaded financial aid package mean?
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What are Front-Loaded Financial Aid Packages?

A vast majority of students in the United States receive some sort of financial aid when paying for college. This aid can come in many different forms, from scholarships, both private and publicly funded, grants, federal aid, and private aid companies. Needless to say, students should be 100% certain of where their money is coming …
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Fun Facts about Financial Aid in America!

Many students are anxious when it comes to financial aid. How do I find it? Do I qualify for any? When are the deadlines? While applying for financial aid should be taken seriously—you don’t want to be lax about your applications—it’s always good to step back a little, take a deep breath, and keep these …