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Finding Extra Financial Aid as an Out-of-State Student

When searching for colleges and universities that interest you, affordability is often a large concern. Among private universities, it doesn’t much matter: they don’t receive state funding, and therefore charge their students the same for tuition regardless of which state they reside in. Public universities are different. Because they receive state funding that comes from …
What does a "no loan" policy mean for schools
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What Does it Mean When a School Has a “No Loan” Policy?

You may find yourself reading the title of this post and thinking, “Wait, what?” How could a college not have students taking out loans to pay for their education? Is it even possible to pay for college without a loan? However, once you learn more about how and why colleges have a “no loan” policy, …
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Questions to Ask Your College’s Financial Aid Office

A college visit is a prime time to ask any burning questions you have. You can ask your guide about the best study spots on campus, you can ask professors about class size, and you can ask the financial aid office questions about paying for college. College finance is often at the forefront of people’s …
All these acronyms can get confusing, so here's our college dictionary
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College Dictionary: Acronyms You’ll Come Across

Acronyms are a huge part of our every day lives. For example, we use them to abbreviate phrases. We use them to send quick texts and emails. We even use them to classify certain things! However, some acronyms are hard to figure out. For example, you know what FYI is. But what about EFC? Don’t …
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Social Security Disability Benefits for College Students

There’s one common misconception about the rules attached to Social Security Administration (SSA). People assume disability programs do not allow disabled individuals and / or their families to save for college. It is true that certain programs impose restrictions on earnings and assets. But, there are ways for you to save for college without losing …
Everyone should file the FAFSA, and there are plenty of resources that can help you
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Why EVERYONE Should Really File the FAFSA

Let’s face it: Even “affordable” colleges and universities can still take a lot out of your bank account. So if there is a way to pay for a degree without making a huge dent in savings, why aren’t students doing it? Part of it may be because you don’t believe you will qualify for any …
Keep away from these six student tuition and loan mistakes
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College Tuition and Loan Mistakes that Parents Should Avoid

There’s no way around it: college is expensive, more so than ever. Even though the cost of college may actually be more affordable than you think, there are still mistakes to avoid while paying college fees. Tuition, room and board, textbooks, and other cost of living expenses must be taken into consideration while making a …