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What NOT To Do During the ACT/SAT Exam


You know what to do during the ACT or SAT and you know how to prepare, but do you know what NOT to do during the exam times? Here are three examples of things you should steer clear of. Don’t Bring Prohibited Items There will be a list of items the SAT or ACT websites …

How To Practice for the ACT / SAT Essay Sections


While the essay sections aren’t required by either the ACT or SAT, you may decide to take them anyway. Some students choose to do this in an effort to bolster their college applications or they have strong writing skills they’d like to put on display. However, when you’re studying, you may not know quite how …

4 Helpful Tips for the SAT Writing Section


The SAT’s Writing Section is all about editing—whether it’s fixing grammar, sentence structure, word choice, or strengthening the overall message of a passage. Whether you’re dreading this section or feel prepared, here are 4 handy tips for mastering it. Know the Format The first step to conquering something is to know it inside and out. …

If I Have Good Grades, Will the ACT / SAT Be Easier?

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There are a lot of benefits that come with good grades—increased college acceptance odds, more scholarship opportunities, honors awards, academic accolades, etc. You’ve worked hard to achieve those good grades, but it doesn’t mean you can necessarily coast when it comes to the ACT and SAT. Here’s why: Even 4.0 Students May Not Be Good …

3 Reasons To Do A College Interview

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Some schools offer applicants the chance to take a college interview. These sessions are often with a faculty member or professor in your intended field, but it can also be an alumnus of the school. If you’re on the fence about the interview though, here are three reasons why you should schedule on. Sometimes It’s …