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Extracurricular Activities That Will Impress College Admissions Boards

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While participating in any type of extracurricular activity can boost your chances of getting admission into college, there are a few activities in particular that carry a lot of weight. Participating in any of the extracurricular activities mentioned below will impress even the most selective college admission board. Membership in a Club or an Organization …

Alternatives To The ACT And SAT Tests


The ACT and SAT have long been the benchmark for college entrance exams. However, there are some who believe these standardized tests can’t fully measure a student’s academic capabilities, and some students simply do not test well. Thankfully, there are some alternatives available to the ACT and SAT exams for those who prefer to try …

Do Legacy Students Have Higher Acceptance Odds?

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When you’re completing your college applications, you’re most likely trying to do everything you can to boost your acceptance odds. However, some factors may be out of your control, like whether you’re a “legacy student” or not for example. Here’s a rundown on what that means and if it affects your acceptance odds: What is …

The SAT Subject Tests Explained


The SAT is one of the most well-known, and perhaps one of the most dreaded, college admissions tests. A little less infamous are the SAT Subject Tests, previously called the “Scholastic Achievement Tests” or SAT II. Some colleges, especially Ivy League and other selective institutes, require or recommend that you take SAT Subject tests, especially …

ACT / SAT Tips for Students Who Don’t Test Well


If you’re nervous or unsure of yourself when it comes to the ACT or SAT, you’re not alone. Many students don’t test well, but, for most, one of these standardized tests is required for college admission so it’s something high school juniors and seniors can’t avoid. These tips can help you better prepare for your …