5 Things Every Student Should Do Before Their Freshman Year of College

The months leading up to your freshman year of college can be hectic and stressful. There are quite a few things you should be doing during this time though and it really shouldn’t be put off. Once you get them out of the way, though, you can enjoy summer! Here are five things you should be doing before you start your freshman year of college.

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Gather Your Financial Aid Documents

If you’re receiving financial aid from the government, your college, or a scholarship, it’s important to keep all this paperwork in one easy-to-remember location. You’ll need it for quick reference in the future and you don’t want it to go missing if a problem pops up involving money.

This should also contain any other important documents you may have, including bills from your college, bank statements regarding school debt or payments, and private loan paperwork.

Get To Know The College’s Town

In most cases, students are going to a completely different city and sometimes even a completely different state. It can be disorienting to be somewhere else all at once on top of having to attend classes and make new friends. Taking time this summer to investigate the college town or city can be a great asset when it’s time to move there.

If the college is nearby, try planning a couple of day trips so you can start exploring. If it’s further away, Google Maps can be a fun resource!

Create a Packing List

A task this summer that you absolutely can’t skip is creating a packing list for move-in day. Don’t wing it. The most common mistakes freshmen make is packing too much or too little. It’s important to plan ahead.

Start creating a list as soon as possible. Over the summer months, add to it and prune it. Make sure the necessities are there but also personal items such as things you need for your hobbies.

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Follow Your College On Social Media

If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to follow and engage your school on social media. This can give you insight into the upcoming events and even important news regarding freshmen. You can get an idea of what to expect in the months after you move in.

Learn Life Skills

There are dozens of life skills that are no longer commonly taught at high school or at home that you need in college life. For example, do you know how to do laundry? Make the most out of limited space? Book airline tickets? Maintain your car?’

The year leading up to your freshman year and the summer months just before can be a great time to start getting a handle on these important life skills to know. Make sure to ask your parents (or someone else) for help or check out some tutorials on YouTube.

There’s no doubt you have a lot on your plate as you get ready for your freshman year. Try keeping a list of tasks you need to get done so you can stay on track. Remember to enjoy your summer though!

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