15 Helpful Online Writing Tools for Students

Online writing tools can be a huge help to the writing process.

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Talent and effort are the two major features of every successful writer. It goes without saying that if you want to write a good piece you need to have some talent and invest a lot of effort into your work. Also, you need to have an extensive vocabulary and your grammar has to be on a high level. But what if writing is not something you enjoy so much or if you don’t have any writing aspirations? Let’s say that you’ve got stuck with an essay and you just aren’t sure about your grammar or spelling.

There are a lot of helpful online tools that could help you during your writing process. In this article, we shall go through some of the best available online writing tools you can use.

1.    Google Docs

Google docs is a very useful tool in case you need to write a collaborative paper with your friends. It allows multiple users to write the same document at the same time, in real-time. This way you and your friends could check each other, correct mistakes, etc.

2.    ReadWriteThink

An excellent multi-purpose tool designed primarily for high school students in order to help them develop their creativity and improve writing skills. Interactive tools that ReadWriteThink offers can help students learn how to write specific textual content such as business letters, short stories, etc.

3.    Copyscape

In case you need to check your writing and compare its authenticity to other content that’s already online, Copyscape is the tool you need. Copyscape compares the text you write to other online content and gives you an estimated percent regarding the originality of your work.

4.    Thesaurus

Sometimes you need finding a word or its synonym to make your text more diverse and stylish. In such situations, this tool is an excellent choice. All you need to do is type in a word in the search box and in return you get multiple synonyms or the exact definition of a word. Basically, it’s an interactive online dictionary.

5.    Grammarly

Let’s say you’ve finished your essay and now you need to check if your spelling and grammar is in order. Grammarly is a useful online tool that helps you check your grammar and spelling. Furthermore, Grammarly offers some style suggestions and many other features if you decide to register a premium account.

6.    123Writings

This is an online platform that offers proofreading and editing services among many others. You can submit your text and the good people from 123writings will check your text or edit it to perfection. All services are provided by native English speakers with massive experience in editing and proofreading.

7.    Poetry Forge

For all poetry lovers, this tool provides an endless well of inspiration and help. Poetry forge offers a number of tools that will help you write original poetry content with ease and style. It is highly recommended to high school students who struggle with poetry writing.

8.    Word Counter

This is a great tool for all who need to check on the number of words or characters in their content. Word counter also offers spellcheck and a number of keyword tools. This feature allows you to look up your keyword density per example, in case you need a specific number of keywords in your text.

9.    Language Tool

Language tool is an online writing tool that offers spell check, syntax errors and word count for over 20 different languages. This is especially convenient in case you need to write an essay in a foreign language and you’re not sure about your writing skills.

10.  Cliché Finder

The name of this pretty original online writing tool is in a large measure self-explanatory. The purpose of this tool is to check your content and detect clichés in your writing. This helps you write original content that will keep the attention of your readers.

11.   Stay Focused

This is an online tool that helps you stay focused on your writing. Sometimes when you research for inspiration you spend a lot of time on useless websites reading about things that don’t matter that much. This is a simple add-on for your browser that prevents you from wasting time on various websites and stay focused on writing.

12. Readable

In order to improve your readability, you need to detect what’s wrong with your text. Sometimes your text is great and you don’t need to change anything, but there are times when certain things need to be changed. Readable helps you detect what’s wrong with your text so that you can make the necessary improvements.

13.  Paper Rater

Another excellent tool that helps you spell check your content, improve grammar and style. Paper Rater is a 100 percent online tool and requires no download. Plagiarism will never be a problem for you with this tool, because Paper rater checks your text for plagiarism, also.

14.  BibMe

Students often need to make citations while writing school papers so they need to find sources for their citations. BibMe helps you find your citation in a matter of seconds. It supports APA MLA and a number of other styles. You can find citation sources among books, journals, websites, video and other.

15.  Storybird

This simple tool offers you help in developing your creativity and expands your imagination. Essentially, Storybird allows you to pair your content to various artwork and thus create an original story. It’s a fun way to unleash a poet inside you.

If you love to create stories, poems, or need some help writing papers, these tools are here just to help you improve your work. The essence of your work lies in you. All you need to do is set your imagination free, the rest is just technique.

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