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So You Want to Be a Teacher? 4 Steps to Take

If you’re thinking about being a teacher, congratulations! It’s an exciting career that can be extremely rewarding if it’s up your alley. If becoming a teacher or professor is something you’re considering, here are four (and possibly 5) steps you’ll need to take. Step 1: Get Your Bachelor’s  Degree The first step to becoming a …
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Four Industries With High Demand For Project Managers

Not everyone in the world is a natural leader. For those that are, however, finding a career that allows them to build teams and work with others to achieve success can be an excellent use of their talents. The good news is that there’s a field that suits such individuals perfectly: project management. Project managers …
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3 Fields of Study That are Worth the Price of Admission

Choosing to pursue a college degree is a life-altering decision for several reasons. First and foremost, it means that you’ll be committing a significant amount of time to a particular subject, usually in the hopes of building a career in a specific field. Second, but no less important, is the fact that you’ll be spending …
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How Do I Write an Effective Resume?

A good resume might be exactly the thing that will help you land your dream job. But, before we go into the talk on how to create a job-landing resume, let’s make one thing clear – what exactly is a resume? By definition, a resume is a summary of your professional, education, and sometimes even …
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6 College Majors to Consider If You Want to Become a Writer

If you’ve decided that you want to become a writer after graduating from college, you might be wondering which major will best prepare you for this interesting and challenging job. The following list will help you identify 6 different college majors that an aspiring writer will want to consider: Journalism A journalism major is useful …
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Tips for Being a Stand-Out Intern

While you’ll obviously be quite busy during your degree program, working on your studies and potentially in a part-time job as well, it’s important to spend time thinking about your career prospects and pathways right now, even though you haven’t yet graduated. To ensure you land a great job once you have completed your degree, …
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Top Degree Options for Business-Minded Students

When you’re at college, you’re often still figuring out exactly what it is you want to do during your career. Plus, these days it’s very common for people to have numerous paths during the length of their career. If you’re someone who has always been business-minded and if you are thinking of one day running …
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5 Non-Medical Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare has long been one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. This year, for the first time in history, the health sector has surpassed manufacturing and retail to become the largest source of jobs in the United States. Naturally, this is a draw for many college-age students who are seeking to find lucrative employment …
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So You Want To Be a CEO: 5 Steps

There’s no direct path to becoming a CEO, but there are ways you can improve your chances. This is a career path that takes quite a bit of time and patience along with a lot of luck. Rarely is anyone made CEO straight out of college. But if you’re interested in working towards achieving this …