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A Few Interesting Jobs for a History Major

Another major that gets a lot of flack for “lack of job opportunities” is History. Many people believe there is very little you can do with a bachelor’s degree or higher in History, but that’s simply not true. Check out some of these great jobs a history major! Lawyer Did you know that many history …
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What are Some Good Jobs for English Majors?

Are you an English major? You may have heard the occasional comment or joke about what you’re going to do with that major after you graduate. Truth is, there’s plenty to do with that degree! I was actually an English major myself! So here are some examples of good jobs for English majors out there. …
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5 Things You Need for Your Internship

At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.  Are you attending an internship this year? It’s a great experience that can help with both resume and skill building—especially if it relates to what you’re majoring in. You’ll need a few things to make sure …
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What Degree Do I Need For My Dream Job?

Do you have a dream job in mind, but aren’t quite clear on what degree you need to actually apply for that job after graduation? Some jobs may require a high school diploma, but others ask for a Master’s or higher. Here are a few ways to find out what degree you will have to …
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What Is A Major In College?

One of the biggest questions high schoolers face is: what are you going to major in during college? It’s a big choice, and a big difference from what you study in high school. So what is a major in college, and why is your choice of major so important? Let’s break down the basics. What …
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A Breakdown and List of College Degrees

Have you ever wondered just how many different degrees are offered to you through colleges and universities? It’s important to learn about what’s available, because some jobs demand 2 year degrees while others ask for Doctorates. Here’s a breakdown and list of college degrees, both undergraduate and graduate. List of College Degrees Undergraduate Associate’s degree …
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How to Use College Raptor’s New Career Center!

College Raptor just launched a brand new tool that can further assist students and their families in the college planning process—the Career Center! Whether students want to learn more about potential careers or find what college best fits their job goals, this new database will help students on their journey. Let’s break down how to …
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4 Reasons High School Students Should Do a Summer Internship

You’ve often heard of college students and recent college graduates getting internships, but did you know it’s also beneficial for high school students to take part in one? It’s something you’ll definitely want to consider! Here are four reasons you should do a summer internship as a high school student. Reason #1: A Summer Internship …