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Here are some reasons you should visit your college's career center
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Benefits of Using Career Services

Colleges have plenty of resources that students barely take advantage of simply because they don’t know they even exist! Parents: one example of this is your young adult’s career services center at their college or university. They offer amazing benefits and resources including networking, career exploration, and job search preparation. 1. Networking The professionals at …
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4 Great Reasons to be a Teacher

High demand, summers off, shaping the future generation – these are all great reasons to be a teacher. With many states facing a teacher shortage, it’s important to consider why should you become a teacher – and what will the career path look like after you graduate. Our kids need you! 4 Reasons to be …
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What’s next for nursing degrees following the pandemic?

Nurses have certainly been in the forefront since the pandemic began. If you’re thinking about entering this career, what can you expect? We’ll cover the outlook for nursing degrees, how the pandemic caused shortages, and what you can expect after you graduate. Why is There a Nursing Shortage? Hospitals at the moment are struggling to …
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Top Future Proof Degree Paths

As the job market changes each year, finding a degree path that will stand the test of time is important for everyone, and particularly so if you are just now going into college and need to declare your major. Future proof degrees ensure high job security as they lead to careers that will always be …
what is a gender studies degree
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What is a Gender Studies Degree?

Gender Studies Degrees generally focus on gender identity, sexual orientation, and similar topics, and how they can shape or change behaviors, feelings, power dynamics, domestic violence and more. They tend to be interdisciplinary fields. Although it got its start as “Women’s Studies,” the degree programs have definitely branched out in recent years. If you’re looking …
A large commercial jet taking off.
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4 Great Undergraduate Majors for an Aviation Career

If you’re thinking about going after a career in aviation or aiming to become a pilot, you may be wondering what undergraduate major to go after. These four majors for an aviation career could be exactly what you need to reach your goals. Aviation This is the most commonly chosen major for those going after …