10 Things You Should Avoid Writing About in Your Cover Letter

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Whenever you are applying for a new job, an internship, or a program, your cover letter is the first thing you should take care of. You may have the best education and your skills may be the perfect fit for the job, but without a good cover letter, this is all for nothing.

There are plenty of things that can make your cover letter look badly. This is why we have picked out the 10 mistakes you should definitely avoid in writing the cover letter.

1.      Not Paying Attention to Company’s Info

Sometimes people are so focused on the cover letter, that they are not paying any attention to the company’s information. No one would want to employ a person, who was careless about company’s bio and, moreover, company’s name.

2.      Overusing ‘I’

Your cover letter is aimed towards describing your abilities and showing people, why they should choose you. However, if you include too much ‘I’ in the paper, you are risking that it will sound like an autobiography.

3.      Bad Opening

Chances might be that you are very good at your job, but simply cannot find the right way to start a letter of intent. In order to interest the employer, you need an excellent opening and even better content.

4.      Adding Irrelevant Information

The purpose of your letter of intent is not to show your employer everything you did in life. The use of information that is completely irrelevant to the job only makes the cover letter long and annoying for the employers, instead making it exciting.

5.      Repeating the Resume

A resume and a cover letter should be different. They are both focused on your abilities and qualifications, but your cover letter should never repeat the resume.

6.      Sending a Non-Customized Letter

Customizing your letter is a complete must, when you are applying for a job. If you do not do this, your employer will think that you use the same cover letter for many other job offers.

7.      Lying

You should never, ever lie in your cover letter. The worst thing you can do is to provide false information to your potential employers.

8.      Not Signing the Letter

Sometimes we get so carried away with the content that we forget to sign the letter. Pay attention to the ending of your cover letter before sending it out.

9.      Not Proofreading

There is no such thing as perfect first draft. This is why, it is highly important that you look through every letter of intent before sending it to your future employer. When it comes to proofreading, Grammarly is your friend.

10. Being too Personal

Oversharing personal information in a cover letter is not only dull, but also highly unprofessional. Try to avoid age, religion, and family problems when writing your cover letter. The only thing an employer is interested in is how good you are for the position they are offering.

Finding a job is a real challenge in today’s world. This is why it is extremely important that you hand out the perfect application when looking for a job. Follow these 10 simple steps in order to avoid sending out a bad cover letter.

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  1. anjali says:

    Useful article for all job seekers who are likely to make cover letters to find a job but they should know that a poorly crafted cover letter may cost their dream job. Cover letter is important part of job application as it is first impression we’ll make with our prospective employer. Thanks for sharing these cover letter mistakes to avoid.

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