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What To Expect From An Internship

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Every internship opportunity is unique. Some companies pay their interns, others don’t. Some go out of their way to contribute to their intern’s experience, while others leave the interns to figure things out for themselves. Some will assign work to you, while others won’t. With so many disparities between opportunities, how do you know what …
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The Ultimate Guide To Internships

Here's our guide to internships that will help you understand internships better careers & internships
You know that doing an internship offers several benefits but maybe you are not sure exactly what they are or how to find some good opportunities and what happens during an internship. This guide to internships covers these important points. Why You Should Consider Doing An Internship The most important reason why you should consider …
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Understanding The Value Of Internships

Understand what value internships can give you careers & internships
A summer internship is a short-term job opportunities that allow you to obtain introductory hands-on experience in a particular career field.  When looking for information on what a certain professional entails or which career would be the best fit for you, you will often be advised to do an internship so you can make a more …
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Tips For Finding Internships For College Credit

Some internships offer college credits as compensation. careers & internships
Some internships will offer college credit as a sort of compensation for your hard work. Some majors even require that you complete a relevant internship for college credits. These tips will help you narrow down your search for the most suitable internship. Start Your Internship Search At Your School When you’re looking for an internship to …
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How to Decide Who to Job Shadow

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Job shadowing someone is a great way to learn information about careers you’re interested in. You likely have an intended career path or field, making some decisions easier than others. If you want to get into wedding photography. For example, you’re not going to follow a muralist or an HR head. But figuring out who …
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What is Job Shadowing?

What exactly is job shadowing? careers & internships
While deciding on your major and potential career, you may have heard the term “job shadowing” thrown around. But what exactly does it mean and how does it affect you? Here’s a quick run down on how job shadowing could be a vital part of your career planning process. What is Job Shadowing?  Job shadowing …
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