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Internship Ideas For High School Students

Here are some internship ideas for high schoolers careers & internships
Nowadays internships are considered pretty essential. Doing an internship during the summer break is a great way to solidify your career choice while also bolstering your resume. But college students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from internship experiences—high schoolers can consider internship ideas as well. Consider your personal preferences. When it comes to …
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What NOT to Do in an Internship

Avoiding work is one thing you should NOT do at an internship. careers & internships
Internships are invaluable experiences that can help you develop skills in a relevant field, create a network of business contacts, potentially earn some money for your work, and build up your resume. But in order to gain any of these benefits, you have to be willing to work hard. There are definitely some habits and …
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How Volunteering Experience Can Help You Get the First Job

Volunteer experience can lead to a good paying first job careers & internships
Quite a lot of students are committing the mistake of underestimating the importance of volunteer experience for their professional careers. Many students believe that their time is too precious to give it for “free”. Others believe that their time could be better spent to find a new paid job. Yet, volunteering never comes without benefits. …
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8 Sins You Can Make While Choosing Your Internship

looking for internship careers & internships
A successful internship can be one of the first steps toward a successful career. Also, it can a time-waster if chosen poorly. Anyone who started to look for an internship, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll help you succeed in your search. In this article, we are going to review eight common mistakes …
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Engineers: Why are Only 13% of Them Women?

engineering college majors careers & internships
Currently, only 13% of practicing engineers in the United States are women. Logical reasoning should make engineering an appealing job for everyone: Engineers earn above average in the United States, a Mechanical Engineer, for example, has a mean annual salary of $88,190, according to Michigan Tech. So why are women less interested in a career …
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Why Internships are So Important

careers & internships
You’ve been asked the question by everyone, from your parents, friends, and even distant relatives: “Are you looking for an internship?” As you pack up your dorm room or apartment, getting ready to head home for the summer, chances are good that you’ll be thinking of your summer plans, and whether or not you have …
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Online Education for Successful IT Careers

careers & internships
While many jobs are beginning to decline or disappear due to increased automation, information technology remains a job market with excellent prospects for the future. If you are tired of working full time in a job that you’re not excited about, consider enrolling in online education for IT networking and security to land a challenging …
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